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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (10/13/2018)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 1:35, 15-Oct 2018  
  2018/10/13 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: You trip over nothing. What kind of reaction do you give?

Yamagishi Riko
Posted Image

"Oops~! I was about to step on a little ant-san~!"

Ogata Risa
Posted Image

Walk fast with no words and a serious face.
I'd run off quietly somewhere else as if nothing happened.

Niinuma Kisora
Posted Image

Pretend I didn't notice.

Tanimoto Ami
Posted Image

Laugh a bit.

Kishimoto Yumeno
Posted Image

"Ah... (small voice)" Since if I'm alone I'd want to get over it without making a scene, this is how I'd be.

Asakura Kiki
Posted Image

Look at the place I tripped and give a face of "Huh?" (I often do this. lol)

Ono Mizuho
Posted Image

If I'm with a friend, I'd ask my friend for help.
If I'm alone... I'd quickly stand up and run off. (lol)

Onoda Saori
Posted Image

Give a self-conscious laugh.

Akiyama Mao
Posted Image

Act like I didn't trip. (lol)

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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