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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (9/8/2018)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 17:14, 10-Sep 2018  
  2018/9/8 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: What's your favorite part from one of your own lines in a song?

Yamagishi Riko
Posted Image

Hatsukoi Sunrise
"Kaze ga BURANKO yurasu"
(the wind blows the swing)

Ogata Risa
Posted Image

"Tsumannaku kanjiteta no"
(I was feeling bored)

Niinuma Kisora
Posted Image

My solo part in "Watashi ga obasan ni nattemo"

Tanimoto Ami
Posted Image

My line in "I Need You ~Yozora no Kanransha~"

Kishimoto Yumeno
Posted Image

Just Try!'s "Kitto nanika tsukamu sa" (you'll surely grab something)

Asakura Kiki
Posted Image

The "♪Hanamoyou" from the last chorus of "Hanamoyou"

Ono Mizuho
Posted Image

"Kimi no ai ni furetai." (I want to feel your love)
Everyone says they like this. lol

Onoda Saori
Posted Image

My solo place in "Konya dake Ukaretakatta"

Akiyama Mao
Posted Image

Junjou cm's "Kimi to hanaretakunai" (I don't wanna be separated from you).

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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