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  2018/9/3 Hello! Q&A


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Miyazaki Yuka
Posted Image

・ I want to be praised.
・ I'll be happy if you show me beautiful scenery.
・ I don't like loud noises.

Kanazawa Tomoko
Posted Image

Though I'll quickly say things I think, it's not with ill intentions.
I'll be happy if you give me umeboshi.
Those who say they like me I'll love unconditionally.

Takagi Sayuki
Posted Image

・ I hum loudly, so please be understanding.
・ If I start talking passionately I'll go on for a long time, so please be understanding.
・ I love eating, so please be understanding.

Miyamoto Karin
Posted Image

I'll get suspicious if you praise me too much.
I tend to like interaction that's even a bit unseemly.
If I turn away when we make eye contact, please think nothing of it. It's just that I'm embarrassed.

Uemura Akari
Posted Image

・ Please let me hang out with Murota.
・ Please let me sleep well.
・ Please let me eat chocolate.

Yanagawa Nanami
Posted Image

・ I'm usually sleeping.
・ I won't leave the house.
・ I like tapioca.

Danbara Ruru
Posted Image

Please praise me a lot.
I love to eat lots of delicious things.
If I start singing, I'll be happy if you sing together with me ♪

Inaba Manaka
Posted Image

I love to dance
I'm a homerare nobiko-chan (girl who loves to be praised)
I'm unabashedly azatoi...? ♡


Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source and Daaishi for the banners!

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