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  Hello! Q&A Country Girls (8/23/2018)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 19:34, 24-Aug 2018  
  2018/8/23 Hello! Q&A

Country Girls

Q: Please tell us your handling instructions.

Yamaki Risa
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・ When I'm doing something I like, please stick with me until the end.
・ In the morning please wake me up with strong perseverance.
・ I'll be living at Cotton Club in March and April.

Morito Chisaki
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If I judge that a person is ok with me being clingy, I will be clingy through and through.
Since I'm extremely shy, if my walls are down I'm a different person. Please don't pull away from me even if I get too excited.
Since I'll usually laugh at something funny, that'd make me happy.

Ozeki Mai
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I'll be happy if you give me candy.
Please get me to bed by midnight.
I love myself.

Yanagawa Nanami
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・ I'm usually sleeping.
・ I won't leave the house.
・ I like tapioca.

Funaki Musubu
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1. Let's routinely give praise.
2. But since if there's too much praise it's tough to respond, please stop.
3. If I've been staring off into space for a long time, make sure not to talk to me.


Credits to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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