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27-Apr 2018
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06-Jun 2018
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19-Jun 2018
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27-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Yokoyama Reina - Title To Be Determ. (0)

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Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
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  Hello! Q&A Juice=Juice (4/16/2018)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 16:38, 16-Apr 2018  
  2018/4/16 Hello! Q&A


Q: You're going on a 3 day and 2 night domestic trip. With whom would you go, and where?

Miyazaki Yuka
Posted Image

Kawamura Ayano-chan. I'd want her to show me around Kouchi Prefecture!

Kanazawa Tomoko
Posted Image

I want to go to Okinawa with my family! Since I haven't gone on many trips recently with my family,
I think I'd like to go to papa's beloved Okinawa and take it easy with everyone ♪

Takagi Sayuki
Posted Image

Osaka with family → I wanna take everyone to USJ!!!

Miyamoto Karin
Posted Image

A Hiroshima trip with Danbara Ruru-chan

Uemura Akari
Posted Image

I want to go around to lots of the places I want to visit with Angerme's Murota.
Though somewhere like Okinawa would be good, I'd also like to go to places like Osaka and Hokkaido.
I wanna pick vegetables at my grandma's house in Mie Prefecture!

Yanagawa Nanami
Posted Image

Osaka with Funaki Musubu-chan ♡
I'd want her to show me around and have the two of us eat lots of different things ♡

Danbara Ruru
Posted Image

I wanna go to Kyushu with Angerme/Country Girls' Funaki Musubu-chan!
We'll eat lots of delicious things.


Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source and Daaishi for the banners!

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