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  Wada Ayaka to graduate in Spring 2019 (Graduation)  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 14:25, 5-Apr 2018  
  1st generation S/mileage / Angerme member and Leader Wada Ayaka made an announcement on her official blog today.

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Wada Ayaka announced that she is to graduate from Angerme and Hello!Project at the end of the Angerme Spring Tour in 2019.
She says she has been considering her graduation for the past year, and has come to the decision of graduating after lots of talks between staff, members and herself. She intends to stay in the entertainment industry after her graduation. The date of her graduation has not yet been determined, but she has stated they will "re-announce" her leave with more concrete details once everything has been finalized. She apologizes for the sudden announcement and asks for our support for her last remaining year as an Idol.

Ayaka joined Hello!Project as a first generation Hello!Pro Egg (now Hello!Project Kenshuusei) in June 2004, and was announced to be joining S/mileage on April 4th 2009. She is now the last remaining member from the Hello!Pro Egg era (before the change to H!P KSS), longest serving member and leader of Angerme, and one of the longest serving members of Hello!Project.

Hello!Project's website announcement / Ayacho's talk regarding her graduation on tiny tiny (youtube)

Angerme will celebrate their 10th anniversary in Spring 2019.
They will release their 24th single "Nakenai ze・・・Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)" on May 9th 2018.

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