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  Hello!Project to hold auditions for two new groups! Ichioka, Takase, Kiyono to debut  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 13:14, 30-Mar 2018  
  It was announced that Hello!Project will be debuting two new groups in the second half of this year!

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It was previously announced last year that H!P KSS member's Ichioka Reina, Takase Kurumi, and Kiyono Momohime would debut in Hello!Project, with Ichioka being the leader of a new idol group, and the latter two members joining a new section of H!P based on performing arts theater. More information has now been released, as follows;

- A "performance group" that focuses on "body expression" and improving both vocal and dancing skills, will debut with Ichioka Reina as the leader.

- Another new group will be formed, similar to a "theater troupe" focusing on not only singing and dancing, but also theater and comedy. Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime will be members of this group.
They will be holding Auditions to select the members for these two groups. While previous auditions look to recruit idols who love singing, dancing, and Hello!Project itself, these auditions aim to recruit idols who believe "I have a special talent/skill that I won't lose to anyone with". Trainee's from the Hello!Project Kenshuusei will also be considered in the formation of these two groups.

For more information:
H!O forum discussion: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/26351-two-new-helloproject-groups-auditions-2018/

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