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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (12/23/2017)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 16:30, 26-Dec 2017  
  2017/12/23 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: What's something mysterious you've experienced?

Yamagishi Riko
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The crab I had as a pet suddenly disappeared toward the end of July, but two months later I saw it walking in our garden. So now I'm taking care of it again in its terrarium case.

Ogata Risa
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When riding in a car, mom and I who were riding in the backseat were the only ones who saw something like a UFO in the sky!
When I turned my eyes away for a moment to get ready to take a picture, it disappeared...

Niinuma Kisora
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I saw a clown.

Tanimoto Ami
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When I was little I woke up in the middle of the night and went to my parents' bedroom, and where I expected the bed to be was some weird creature.

Kishimoto Yumeno
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When I went to an amusement park, I kept getting sleepy and when night fell I had the sensation that I was detached from my body.
The feeling like forgetting what I said or if I was even the one talking was mysterious.

Asakura Kiki
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A mole jumped up at me and attached to my face. The mole beneath my nose is just that one.

Ono Mizuho
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I saw black soybeans in a dream, and that date black soybeans were in our school lunch!
It was my first dream to come true!

Onoda Saori
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I got out of bed in a dream, and soon after tha I actually got out of bed.

Akiyama Mao
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Even though I had my ticket in my hand, when I went to put it into the gate it was gone.
It was very mysterious at the time.

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