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  Ogawa Rena has left Hello!Project (Graduated )  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 14:19, 8-Sep 2017  
  It was announced that Kobushi Factory's Ogawa Rena has graduated from the group and Hello!Project effective immediately.

This comes after the news of Ogawa being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. in July, thus leading to her medical hiatus from Hello!Project activities. Later in August it was announced that there were no signs of recovery and that her physical condition had worsened, resulting in the extension of her hiatus.

After consulting her doctors and UP-FRONT PROMOTIONS, it was decided that she would graduate from Kobushi Factory and Hello Project.

Owaga's blog post - translation by SKOBAN from Blog!Project

I apologise for the concern that I’ve caused for taking a break due to poor health.
While I considered making a return as I discussed things with my doctor, I, Ogawa Rena, have resolved to graduate.
I apologise for surprising you with this sudden turn of events.
I was a Kenshuusei from my fifth year in primary school, and I made my debut in Kobushi Factory.
There were many tough times and hard times, but right now, I have nothing but an abundance of enjoyable memories with the members and the Kobushi-gumi who've supported us.
During my break, I thought a lot about my own life from now on.
I discovered new dreams while taking a good look at my current self, and I will be working hard on my studies.
I would like to cheer on Kobushi Factory with all I have as a member of the Kobushi-gumi from now on.
Will you accept me as one of you? Please don’t say no, ok?
The tears won't stop if I write at length, so...
Lastly, I’m truly sorry for shocking you with the sudden news of my graduation, following on from my break due to poor health.
And, thank you so very much for supporting Ogawa Rena.
If you’ll occasionally remember that Kobushi Factory had a beautiful, idiotic, airhead "Renako", that would make me happy.
At times when I’m worn out with life in the future, I’d like to recall the time I spent with the members and the support and smiles of the Kobushi-gumi, and move ahead with my eyes set straight ahead.
I’m sorry for having to notify you in this way.
Thank you so much for everything up until now.
I love Kobushi Factory & the Kobushi-gumi.
Ogawa Rena


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