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06-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Airi Suzuki - Do me a favor [Regula. (0)
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09-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Nanami Yanagawa - Yanaming (Photobo. (0)
19-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Morning Musume - 20th Anniversary O. (0)
27-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Yokoyama Reina - Title To Be Determ. (0)

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  Hello! Q&A Juice=Juice (7/31/2017)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 19:41, 1-Aug 2017  
  2017/7/31 Hello! Q&A


Q: What were you like as a child?

Miyazaki Yuka
Posted Image

While working hard at learning things formally like piano, and kendo, I was generally raised pretty carefree.

Kanazawa Tomoko
Posted Image

I liked playing outside.
Also, since I was especially good at making mud balls, I feel like I would be making them with friends just about every day.

Takagi Sayuki
Posted Image

I had short hair, and was often mistaken for a boy.

Miyamoto Karin
Posted Image

I'd do nothing but play outside, so was a kid who'd quickly get muddy and fall down and never stopped getting scrapes.

Uemura Akari
Posted Image

I was a girl who'd run away from the camera.

Yanagawa Nanami
Posted Image

I was a kid who loved games and singing and dancing while watching videos or DVDs!
My indoor personality is alive and well. lol

Danbara Ruru
Posted Image

I was excitable and strongly inquisitive, and hated to lose. But I was incredibly easily embarrassed, so would get embarrassed when doing things in front of people, and my kindergarten teacher would tell me "Ruru-chan wouldn't even be able to do half of the things she was told to try and do in front of people."


Apologies for the awful temporary Danbara banner (I'm not an artist by any means), but we'll add new ones soon!
Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source!

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