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  Miyamoto Karin on Medical Hiatus (Functional Dysphonia)  
  Hello!Project Written by sukibeam , updated: 12:40, 25-Jul 2017  

For always supporting Juice=Juice, we are truly grateful. We have an announcement regarding Miyamoto Karin.

A few days ago, because she was having trouble with her voice, she only participated in dancing for this last weekend's lives. As she didn't appear to be recovering, a second medical exam was conducted, the results of which were "functional voice disorder".

Despite only dancing during the live performances, she was still getting unconsciously breathless during her usual singing parts, so we met with her and her parents to discuss the situation along with consulting a physician. Wishing for nothing but prioritizing her recovery, from today onward, she will be taking a break from lives, events, and any other work where her voice would be required.

Hereafter, while monitoring the condition of Miyamoto, her medical treatments, and rehabilitation, we will expand her activities in accordance with her improvement.

For causing concern and annoyance, we beg for understanding and humbly ask for your cooperation. So that Juice=Juice and Miyamoto Karin can continue to be cheered on, we ask you to continue your support from now on.

Up Front Promotion Ltd.

Miyamoto is not the only Hello! Project member to be on medical leave. ANGERME's Aikawa Maho, who has been on hiatus since January 11th due to a panic disorder, is scheduled to be out through the rest of the year. On July 13th, Kobushi Factory's Ogawa Rena was similarly diagnosed with anxiety neurosis and is expected to miss activities through at least mid-August.

On her latest blog, Miyamoto apologizes, saying she will concentrate on a full recovery so she can perform again. Staff and members have been very warm toward her, and she plans on using the blog a lot since she cannot use her voice.

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