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  Fujii Rio has left Hello! Project (Contract Terminated)  
  Hello!Project Written by sukibeam , updated: 15:32, 6-Jul 2017  
  An announcement was posted regarding Fujii Rio and her activity within Hello! Project. She was originally set to graduate at the end of the upcoming summer tour to pursue her education.


代表取締役 西口 猛

Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project.
This is an abrupt announcement, however,
We are giving notification that, at this time, we have ended our exclusive management contract with Kobushi Factory member Fujii Rio.
It was previously announced on 5/12 that she would graduate with this summer's Hello! Project concert tour,
But afterward, it came to light Fujii was involved in circumstances violating the rules of Hello! Project.

We talked about improvement, but during that time she did not fulfill the agreement,
and we concluded it would be difficult for us to continue in our duty managing her, so
once again, we conferred with her and her parental authority, and during this time it lead to cancellation of her contract.
Regarding this decision, again, we are very disappointed she did not make improvements.

As for Kobushi Factory, their involvement with the Hello! Project concert tour, the movie "JK Ninja Girls", and summer performances and solo lives will go on as planned.
The members will come to grips with this, and continue to face forward with their activities, so
We will continue to support everyone as we advance forward.

To everyone, and those fans who habitually lend their support,
For being bothersome, and once again causing concern, we offer our deepest apologies,
and we hope you continue to support and cooperate with Kobushi Factory.



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