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  Hello! Project New System (Member Placement Results)  
  Hello!Project Written by sukibeam , updated: 13:13, 26-Jun 2017  

In a special edition of Hello! Station, the New System and Kenshuusei results were announced. An official announcement was also posted. The placements are as follows:

Morito Chisaki (Country Girls) → Morning Musume '17
Yanagawa Nanami (Country Girls) → Juice=Juice
Funaki Musubu (Country Girls) → ANGERME
Ichioka Reina (Kenshuusei) → Leader of a new group (other members to be decided)
Danbara Ruru (Kenshuusei) → Juice=Juice
Kawamura Ayano (Kenshuusei) → ANGERME

According to the official announcement, they will be formally introduced on the first day of the Hello! Project Summer tour at Osaka Orix Theater on July 15th. From there, they will be working to familiarize themselves with their groups' activities, with participation beginning in the fall. As far as announcing the new group, there will still be a short time before that happens. However, Ichioka Reina will participate in the summer Hello! Con.

As a result from these additions, the groups' new member numbers stand thus:
Morning Musume '17 - 14 members
ANGERME - 11 members
Juice=Juice - 7 members

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