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  Hello! Q&A ℃-ute (from 6/1/2017)  
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  2017/6/1 Artist Q&A


Q. You'll definitely be forgiven with this! Please tell us your recommended way to apologize.

Yajima Maimi
Posted Image


(note: chonmage is a word for the Japanese topknot hairstyle, and this is a popular comedic pun on yurushite-choudai, a casual/cutesy "Please forgive me")

Nakajima Saki
Posted Image

If I knew a way to apologize like that, life would be smooth!! lol
But if I was that much at ease I feel like life would be boring.

Suzuki Airi
Posted Image

Yurushite-chonmage ❤ lol
You'll never be forgiven in your life, yep.

Okai Chisato
Posted Image

Nn~ -sweatdrop-
A jumping prostration probably -sweatdrop-
I dunn~o.

Hagiwara Mai
Posted Image

I'm really really seriously sorry.


Credits to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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