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  Country Girls New System (Morito, Yanagawa, & Funaki to join other H!P Groups)  
  Hello!Project Written by sukibeam , updated: 17:13, 9-Jun 2017  
  Hello! Project Announcement (Archived Link)

Up-Front Link Translation

Thank you for your continued support towards Hello! Project and Country Girls. This summer, Country Girls activities will change to a new system.
With the timing of Momoko Tsugunaga’s graduation, we talked with each Country Girls member about their future activities. Next year, Hello! Project will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. In order to make Hello! Project activities more vigorous day after day, Chisaki Morito, Nanami Yanagawa and Musubu Funaki will move to another Hello! Project's group, carry out those main activities simultaneously with their Country Girls activities. We will announce later in which group they will move.
Currently, Risa Yamaki (2nd year of university), Mai Ozeki (1st year of senior high school) have also their studies on parallel, and because with Hello! Project we think that the studies are also important after finishing junior high school, we judged that the activities for those 2 members like for the 3 members mentioned above in the current situation are difficult, and without a transfer to another group during their studies, it has been decided that Country Girls will mainly have their activities during school holidays and long vacations.
About Country Girls future activities, on June 30th the 6 members, including Momoko Tsugunaga, will appear during the "Momoko Tsunaga Last Live ♥Arigatou Otomomochi♥", and from July 15th the 5 members will perform during the "Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER ~HELLO!MEETING~ / ~HELLO!GATHERING~".
Thereafter, the whole Hello! Project will continue to focus on their lives and events. New songs will be released, but it will probably be only released digitally. Regarding the other activities, there will be an announcement as soon as it will be decided.
Please support the new set-up of activities for Risa Yamaki, Morito Chisaki, Mai Ozeki, Nanami Yanagawa, Musubu Funaki and Country Girls.

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