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06-Jun 2018
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19-Jun 2018
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27-Jun 2018
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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (4/9/2017)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 16:39, 10-Apr 2017  
  2017/4/9 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: What's something good about the area you're from?

Yamagishi Riko
Posted Image

I've seen goats in front of the station.

Ogata Risa
Posted Image

How there's strong hometown love.
Though there aren't any famous spots in particular, since an awful lot of people gather for local activities and such, it becomes very lively. Even after I graduated I go back to the school with my classmates, and we never miss the yearly festivals.

Niinuma Kisora
Posted Image

The "nagoyaka" (harmony) you can only find in Nagoya.

Tanimoto Ami
Posted Image

There are broad landscapes, and everyone smiles.
It broadens the spirit.

Kishimoto Yumeno
Posted Image

I can quickly become close with ladies I happen to meet on the train or at the supermarket.
There've been times when those ladies gave me some candy they had with them too.

Asakura Kiki
Posted Image

If you want to go to DisneyLand or Sea, you can get there quickly.

Ono Mizuho
Posted Image

Although it's Tokyo, it doesn't feel too much like a city.

Onoda Saori
Posted Image

The great taste to the air.
There's lots of green.

Akiyama Mao
Posted Image

Everyone's easily approachable!

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