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  Pocket Morning ℃-ute Weekly Q&A  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:29, 2-Jan 2017  
  2016/12/15 Pocket Morning Artist Q&A


Q: An alien appeared in front of you! What do you do?

Yajima Maimi
Posted Image

Stealthily take a picture!!

Nakajima Saki
Posted Image

First off take a picture.

Suzuki Airi
Posted Image

I'd say words that sound like an alien language, and become friends ^^

Okai Chisato
Posted Image

Cover my face so I don't make a sound, and immediately run away >_<
It'd be scary you know (sweatdrop)

Hagiwara Mai
Posted Image

Take a picture.


Credits to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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