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06-Jun 2018
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  Pocket Morning Juice=Juice Weekly Q&A (11/30/2015)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:26, 30-Nov 2015  
  2015/11/30 Pocket Morning Artist Q&A


Q. Please tell us a good point of your own group in which you definitely won't lose to another group.

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How after lives the members always make sure to have a meeting to reflect on it.

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The good thing about Juice=Juice is how we make LIVES so precious!!
I don't want to lose in our level of awareness concerning LIVES.

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We're a group who loves LIVES.
Also, all the fans are so wonderful.
They have good manners, getting excited during energetic songs
and quietly watching the quieter songs.

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How each of us keeps our own determination

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The number of lives (this year)


Credits to G☆LE for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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