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  Pocket Morning Q&A (New Member Special Edition)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 22:58, 22-Dec 2014  
  2014/12/18 Pocket Morning Artist Q&A

New Member Special Edition

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Q: Please tell us what your motive was for auditioning for Morning Musume。 '14.

Ogata Haruna: I became a high school student, so thought I would challenge something.
And since I admired Morning Musume。

Nonaka Miki: I previously liked Morning Musume。, and got a push from the lyrics "Ima shika dekinai kimi ga shitai koto wo shinayo" (Do the things you want which you only can now), I thought I'd join Morning Musume。 so I could do my beloved dancing!

Makino Maria: I met Oda Sakura-san and Hamaura Ayano-san at the Morning Musume。 11th gen member audition, and thought that I wanted to join the Hello Pro Kenshuusei too.

Haga Akane: I took the Morning Musume。 12th gen member "Mirai Shojo" audition, and though I was there until the end it turned out I was not eligible, so I joined thinking that I want to grow even more.

Q: Please tell us what your motive was for becoming a Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Murota Mizuki: I've always wanted to be an idol since I was little,
and though I did things like audition for Morning Musume。-san,
I failed, so when I heard about the Kenshuusei audition,
my mother told me, "Will you try auditioning? There's probably a chance you can debut, right?"
and the result of that audition is that I passed!

Aikawa Maho: I failed a Morning Musume。 audition, and so auditioned for the Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Sasaki Rikako: I auditioned for Morning Musume。 and failed, so I joined them.

Q: Please tell us your feelings now you've joined your groups.

Ogata Haruna: Though I have nothing but uneasiness with dancing and singing, I want to do the best I can since there are also lots of things I'm looking forward to.
Nonaka Miki: Since I'm happy that the dream I was having became reality,
I really felt that my dream of having too much fun would come true!

Makino Maria: I don't even really feel it now,
and so just start saying, "Maria, you're really awesome! You're in Morning Musume。!"

Haga Akane: I was really surprised!
But happy!

Murota Mizuki: Since I'm honestly so incredibly happy,
just imagining the events and such I'll be doing from now on gets me so excited!

Aikawa Maho: Since I've always been saying I want to join, I was incredibly happy when it was decided.

Sasaki Rikako: I'll do my best!! I'll take the top!!
That's how I feel.

Q: Please tell us someone you respect.

Ogata Haruna: Takahashi Daisuke-san
He's cool not just on the rink, but all the time.
He's kind to everyone, and since he can do everything, I respect him.

Nonaka Miki: My Morning Musume。 senpai. I admire them too!

Makino Maria: Michishige Sayumi-san ♪

Haga Akane: Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki-san
Morning Musume。's Kudou Haruka-san, Oda Sakura-san

Murota Mizuki: Sayashi Riho-san
She has so many things I don't, and it's awesome that she's so fluid and sharp with her dancing and so great at it, as well as great at acting and has her own singing style!
More than anything, her cuteness when she smiles is off the charts!

Aikawa Maho: Hagiwara Mai-san

Sasaki Rikako: Kudou Haruka-san

Q: What's your favorite word or phrase?

Ogata Haruna: "Tenacity"
Since from now on I want to live looking forward and not break down whatever happens.

Nonaka Miki: "Good fortune will come to those who smile"
If you smile, happiness will come to you!

Makino Maria: "Thanks" "I love you"

Haga Akane: I want to reach the end of the world of music (from The Matenrou Show)

Murota Mizuki: "Talent is limited, perseverance is infinite"!

Aikawa Maho: Thanks for the food!

Sasaki Rikako: Too cute, thanks, ganbarikako!!!!

Q: Is there a food you're good at cooking?

Ogata Haruna: Rice with eggs and natto
Since Haga-chan told me the eggs and natto I made was good.

Nonaka Miki: Fruiche

Makino Maria: Ohagi rice balls

Haga Akane: Baked cheese and tomatoes

Murota Mizuki: Though I don't cook much myself, I can make chicken with plum!

Aikawa Maho: Fried chicken

Sasaki Rikako: Pepper steak rolls.

Q: What's something you like to say?

Ogata Haruna: Something I like saying recently is "Honma sore!" (Really that!)

Nonaka Miki: "Nanka nee~!"
"Ano nee~!"

Makino Maria: "Maria ne~, ano ne~"

Haga Akane: Dasho! (Right!?)
(A word combining Daro! and Desho!)

Murota Mizuki: "Tashika ni" (Certainly) is something I like to say.

Aikawa Maho: Nemui (I'm sleepy)

Sasaki Rikako: Ganbarikako!!!!
Ohao. (probably a version of "Ohayo" - "Good morning")

Q: Do you have good eyesight?

Ogata Haruna: It's bad!

Nonaka Miki: It's so incredibly bad!

Makino Maria: It's bad. I wear contacts.

Haga Akane: It's bad.

Murota Mizuki: Though it's not that good, I can more or less see even without glasses or contacts.

Aikawa Maho: It's not that good now.

Sasaki Rikako: Not really...

Q: Is there an impression you do well?

Ogata Haruna: A kabuki actor!

Nonaka Miki: I haven't tried doing impressions...

Makino Maria: Donald Duck

Haga Akane: There's nothing!

Murota Mizuki: ・ The voice of an old doraemon
・ Michael Jackson's "Foo!" only
・ Frozen's "The cold never bothered me anyway ♪"

Aikawa Maho: "Kurukuru to Shito Shitto"'s Nakamura-san's (Yabuta-sensei's) "Daijoubu daijoubu daijoubu".

Sasaki Rikako: Mario's jumping sound. lol

Q: Is there something you can take pride in?

Ogata Haruna: My character of following through with things I like until the end.

Nonaka Miki: I have pride in my English and English pronunciation!

Makino Maria: My support of the Nippon Ham Fighters!

Haga Akane: Being able to forget bad things quickly!

Murota Mizuki: ・ Being able to do the "freeze" dance pose.
・ Pantomime
・ Being able to do splits and vertical splits

Aikawa Maho: My sleeping hours

Sasaki Rikako: My jumping ability, my quick feet

Q: What's something you make sure to do every day before sleeping?

Ogata Haruna: Stuff my cheeks with ice!

Nonaka Miki: Play my beloved piano and listen to music...!

Makino Maria: Drink delicious water.

Haga Akane: Check the blogs of my Hello! senpai!

Murota Mizuki: Though there's nothing in particular, taking my mother who's sleeping on the sofa to the futon.

Aikawa Maho: Pray

Sasaki Rikako: A foot massage

Q: Is there a massive failure you've had recently?

Ogata Haruna: I overslept and woke up at 18:30,
and thinking it was the morning, ate breakfast bread.

Nonaka Miki: I forgot my wallet when I went out, only bringing my IC bus card with me, so I was penniless (- -;)

Makino Maria: When doing a Japanese test I had a really tough time with the first question, so submitted the paper with only 2/3 of the test done.

Haga Akane: Falling down spectacularly in front of my club senpai.

Murota Mizuki: Though it's not a failure, I often drop my cell phone.

Aikawa Maho: I left the plastic on when using the microwave, so it took on the shape of the fried chicken.

Sasaki Rikako: Falling on the stairs in the station.

Q: What's the funniest thing you've laughed at recently?

Ogata Haruna: When taking off my shoes with a friend along a riverbed and getting in the river, our socks flew off and floated away!

Nonaka Miki: I've been into watching comedy recently, and so laughed like crazy watching a comedy show.

Makino Maria: When my homeroom teacher took my Kenshuusei bag and showed it in the classroom.

Haga Akane: When during lunch my friend suddenly took a pose and said, "A guy's romance is gross!"

Murota Mizuki: Makino Maria-chan's baseball story.

Aikawa Maho: Laughing at things we couldn't help during play practice with Yamagishi Riko-san.

Sasaki Rikako: I laughed watching comedy.

Q: Do you think you're a boke or tsukkomi ?

Ogata Haruna: Both.

Nonaka Miki: Though I think I'm both,
my friends always tell me I'm an airheaded boke.

Makino Maria: A boke.
My friends at school are always setting me straight too.

Haga Akane: Both!

Murota Mizuki: Though it's different depending on the time, recently if I had to say it, I've been more of a tsukkomi.

Aikawa Maho: I think I'm a tsukkomi.

Sasaki Rikako: A boke~. lol

Q: Is there anything you couldn't live without?

Ogata Haruna: My cell phone and ice.

Nonaka Miki: Music! I'm listening to music around the clock.

Makino Maria: I couldn't live without a house.

Haga Akane: People!

Murota Mizuki: Food.

Aikawa Maho: A fry pan

Sasaki Rikako: Family

Q: Please tell us your future ambition.

Ogata Haruna: I'll work hard to increase my amount of practice so I'll be able to follow along with the things like singing and dancing I can't do as well as others.

Nonaka Miki: I'll work hard in dancing and singing and talk, all of it!
I want to chase my senpai as soon as I can.

Makino Maria: I want to start chasing my Morning Musume。 senpai as early as I can.

Haga Akane: In MVs and such, even if I'm in the back, I want to have a presence that'll draw your eyes.

Murota Mizuki: Raising my performance ability even more!

Aikawa Maho: I'll work hard in dancing and singing so that I'll be able to live every day HAPPY!
Please support me!

Sasaki Rikako: I'll grow in lots of different ways!!!

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Saeba Ryo for the source!

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