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31-May 2016
Hello!Project Oda Sakura - Oda Sakura First Shash. (3)
13-Jun 2016
Hello!Project Morning Musume.'16 - Hello!. (0)

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Hello!Project Which 12th gen member are you most excited about?
  Ogata Haruna
  Nonaka Miki
  Makino Maria
  Haga Akane
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  Pocket Morning ℃-ute Weekly Q&A (5/16/2013)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 13:00, 16-May 2013  
  2013/5/16 Pocket Morning Artist Q&A


Q. Truth? Fiction? Please tell us about some Hello! Pro urban legends.

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If you talk while brushing your teeth in front of Momochi, Momochi will run away!!
I recommend it when Momochi's being annoying ('∇')

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I get frustrated a lot when we have to change clothes quickly

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Tsunku-san doesn't know much about the members outside of lives (concerts). lol

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★ I heard that Kudou Haruka-chan said to Tanaka Reina-san, "Tanaka-san! It's meeting time!" and I think it's awesome if she really said that to Tanaka-san o(`▽´)o♪

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The assertiveness of our current kouhai to speak up to their senpai is incredible (lol)


Credits to Freya for the graphics, and Kyuuto and Saeba Ryo for the sources!

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