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  Yagami Kumi To Graduate from SKE48 (Updated - Statement from the Nov. 3rd Handshake Event - Member Reactions)  
  AKB Written by VMWalls , updated: 1:45, 2-Nov 2012  
  [See bottom of post for Kuumin's statement at the Handshake Event at Port Messe Nagoya]

Posted Image

From Kuumin's Google+ account, and re-posted on her Facebook page:

Hello everyone.

I’m Yagami Kumi from SKE48’s Team S.

Because the current SKE theatre is being renovated I’ll use Google+ to make an announcement.

I have decided that I, Yagami Kumi, will graduate from SKE48.

I have been included in the senbatsu for all the SKE singles since the first one, while also appearing as an Under Girl for AKB48, while also receiving a place of 28th place in this year’s General Election which was due to all your warm support.

It’s because of you, my fans, that I’ve been able to grow up in such a blessed environment up until now.

Up until I decided to announce my graduation today, I’ve really been troubled by it.

SKE48 has even kept on growing until a 5th generation, and I now have many juniors.

I’ve had thoughts that I must lead them as a first gen. While also thinking that it would be great if the younger members also had many more chances to showcase their abilities. So overall, complicated thoughts.

Also, while thinking about what path I will take after, I have a strong intent on wanting to make a fresh start from the beginning. I have thought briefly about graduating from the 48 groups around a year ago, and this is one decision that requires courage. But today I have arrived at my decision to graduate.

I’m really sorry if this sudden announcement surprises you guys.

But I will again inform you guys again at the handshake event on the 3rd of November.

I will discuss with my management staff about when I will be graduating after.

Please keep supporting SKE48 and Yagami Kumi until the end

Translation Credit @ryouloveakarin

Update, 11/2/2012:

Yagami Kumi's AmeBlog 02\11\2012

☆I want to talk!!★KUMI

Greetings! It’s Yagami Kumi♪(o・ω・)ノ))

Everyone, I’m sorry I startled you yesterday.

And thank you for your warm comments.

The day of my graduation is not decided yet, so I plan on doing my best until that day will come.♪

So please, everyone, take care of me from now on as well.`・ω・´

Today I went to school and I talked a lot with my teacher!! I was happy to receive so many advices about life, and I also got the courage, or should I say the spirit I needed to keep doing my best from now on, I guess. That’s how I felt!!

I think I’m going to talk with a lot of other people.`・ω・´ For some reason, right now I feel like talking with various people, you know?

So I’m also looking forward to talk with all the members tomorrow during the hand-shake event.♪

And…I’m worried about Jurina.
I want her to get better soon.

It’s fine if it’s going to take time!
But don’t overdo, okay!?


Member Reactions:

Posted Image

Hiramatsu Kanako's Official Blog 02\11\2012
Such a precious post. Thanks, Kanako.


Yesterday Kumi announced
her graduation, didn’t she?´・ω・`

Our 5th year together just started
and as 1st generation members
we’ve been together for a long time
so I do understand
how much Kumi thought and struggled
a lot before deciding for this path.
And I’m sure you all understand this as well.

I believe that,
due to the sudden announcement
the fans are experiencing
an inestimable sadness.

But I also believe
that Kumi spent an inestimable
amount of time worrying,
and feeling lonely.

We love Kumi!!

I want to support
her on the path she chose,
and more than anything else
I want her to become
happy as an individual girl♪

I’m lonely
but we’re part of a big family.
So as much as there are new encounters,
there are also partings.

Let’s treasure
the remaining days
we’ll spend with kumi, okay?(*^O^*)

In order not to have regrets,
let’s all love Kumi until the very end!
Let’s convey all our incredible gratitude to her, okay?

That’s how I feel.
Kumi, I love you and you’re precious to me.

* * * *

Posted Image

Nishishi speaking.

Yesterday Yagami Kumi announced her graduation.

Even after one night it seems i couldn’t come to term with this idea (—;).

I’m sure Kuu-chan is someone who has a lot in her mind and who reflect over things again and again.

So she must have thought about her graduation, became anxious, thought about it again, summoned her courage… and took her decision. I think that’s how things went.

So I’ve no other choice than to accept it.

So I have to support her.

Even if it breaks my heart to be separated again from someone precious to me… She is that important to me that I have to cheer for her with a strength in proportion with my feelings, so she walk without fear the path she chose.

Kumi-chan is really a kind girl.

Yesterday I sent a mail to Kumi filled with my feelings on the spur of the moment.
And you know, her reply showed how much she was concerned about me.

I love this kind Kuu-chan. Kuu-chan who has the bravery to be honest with herself. I love her and respect her. ←

Hmm. As expected I couldn’t put it nicely (laugh).

Even if the graduation was announced it doesn’t mean it’s going to be imminent. Now we should treasure our time with Kumi and share a lot of good moments together (^^).

* * * *

Yuria Kizaki:

Posted Image

Posted Image

* * * *

Statement from the Nov. 3rd Handshake Event:

“It was something that I’ve thought of for a long time, and I’ve made my decision after speaking to Yuasa-san… My feelings of wanting to experience various things from now on were getting stronger, and while I know it is self-centred of me, I have decided thus. My love for SKE, and for everyone, will not change. As there is still time until my graduation, please support me till the very end.”

— Yagami Kumi @ Port Messe Nagoya, 3rd Nov 2012

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