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  Acchan to graduate from AKB48 update 26/03 video included  
  AKB Written by Blu-Cherri , updated: 12:04, 25-Mar 2012  
Video from jijipress

Today, at Saitama Super Arena, Atsuko Maeda announced her graduation from AKB48.

Posted Image

Thanks to akb48journal on twitter I can quote her speech for you here.
"Since 14 years old, I've been here as an original member; this has been my life. It's a big decision for me, the 2nd biggest decision I've made. I'm going to graduate.
My moods are swinging easily and perhaps that has caused a lot of troubles for members. To stand in Tokyo Dome is my dream since I was 14 years old. But now, being 20, I remember that there's things that must be done to make dreams come true. I don't know what will come after this but I will work hard. The details haven't been decided yet., when it's been decided, I will tell everyone. Thank you very much"

After this speech Takamina responds with "AKB48 is not the end goal, this is the same for all members. Please support Atsuko's graduation!"

Acchan has been doing lots of work outside AKB48 with her agency Ohta Pro. Last year, she starred in the film Moshidora and recently took the lead role in a remake of Hana Kimi. Her latest photobook "bukiyo" was released last week and oricon recorded sales of 38,483. It is said she only has 5days off throughout the whole year, with all her AKB48 lessons, singles recordings and performances added to the photoshoots, commercials, films and dramas she takes part in. It's a life of nonstop work for Acchan.

This all comes not long after a string of SKE48 graduation announcements, Haruka Ono(S), Erika Yamada(E) and Haruka Mano(E). All 3 will graduate at the end of March.

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