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Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
 Submitted by: Yasser96
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  Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (1/31/2012)  
  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 16:27, 3-Feb 2012  


Sugar Sugar Rune's Chocolate ☆彡

Sailor Moon!!

Detective Conan's Kidd!!! So cool ☆ (laughs)

Tsukishima Kirari-chan!⇒She's the lovely idol I adore ★
Amu-chan!⇒A cool beauty, but she becomes
really cute after transforming (彡▽彡)

・Donald Duck.
・MAJOR's Shimizu Taiga.

One Piece's Luffy. He can make his arms longer,
so when he needs to take something,
he doesn't have to walk for it (・∀・)b

Ojamajo Doremi's Onpu-chan and Doremi-chan.
As an idol, I prefer Onpu-chan,
but for the character, Doremi-chan!

Doraemon's Shizuka-chan. She's clever, has
friends she can rely on, and is a good candy cook.
I also used to like Sailor Venus when I was little.

Jerry from Tom & Jerry. I'd really want to do pranks
and always get away with it like he does.

Rapunzel & Princess Mononoke.

Monkey D. Luffy.

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