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  Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (1/10/2012)  
  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 21:33, 11-Jan 2012  

Funny faces by S/mileage's Dawa (Wada)!
Even though she has a cute face,
she always gives it her all!

The fact that Sato Masaki-chan has many special
abilities!! You wouldn't think she has so many
different abilities since she looks so normal ↑↑

Risako-chan surprisingly eats a lot!!
Or so I heard...

Fukuda Kanon-chan is social!
You know, I pictured her as a shy girl,
but she's actually very outgoing (^^) (laughs)

Eripon's voice is usually high-pitched,
but sometimes it goes down low (laughs)

Kananan ☆ Because of I Love Gorilla!!!

Actually, Iikubo Haruna is not the princess-like
character she seems to be!!!

Suzuki Airi-san's uncle-like sneeze.

Satou Masaki-chan. She responds to emails so fast.
Her sentence structure is...sometimes I don't understand
it, but she uses lot of emoticons and it looks cute.

Morning Musume's Ikubo Haruna doesn't look like it,
but she's ready to make funny faces anytime you ask.

Kudo is too nice!! I always say Kudo is strict,
but she's actually really nice to me ☆

Surprisingly, everyone is funny!

Original Japanese text is here.

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