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  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 17:08, 26-Oct 2011  

Checking my blog ☆
and reading the comments ☆

I check and prepare for tomorrow's work schedule!

Hula hoop ☆

Stretching, sit-ups, and washing my hands!!

Different kinds of stretching (curvy dance♪)

I close my eyes ^_^

Stretching! Especially my legs! (T T)

I'll put my stuffed animal to sleep
next to me and pull a towel over it.

A 30-minute massage for a smaller face ♪
My face gets swollen easily,
so I always massage the lymphatic areas.

I prepare music to listen to. I fall asleep to music
every day, so I spend 15 minutes setting the
timer and choosing which songs to play.

Tomorrow's prepartions.
I prepare myself for whatever might happen.

I drink milk and tea!

Original Japanese text is here.

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