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  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 20:08, 6-May 2011  

Copying is quite difficult. For example, S/mileage's
Yuuka-chan sets a mirror in front of a portable
DVD player, and looks into the mirror when
learning the moves. When I saw that, I thought
"That's it!". That way you see it turned right,
so it's a really good idea!!


When I remember how satisfied I felt
after learning a dance, I get motivated ↑↑↑

With dance lessons, I always give up on
trying to remember it on the first day (laughs).
As for the reason...if I can remember at least
something on the first day and then go to sleep,
it will soak into my body on the next day (-ω-)
I think its better to remember with your
body than your mind ♪

I remember it with my head!!! They say,
"Let's remember it with your body!" but I prefer
to do imagination training inside my head!!

I play the video in slow motion and watch closely.

Slow motion!!

I think watching the TV's
reflection in a mirror is good!!

I keep repeating the part I didn't get over and over!

Original Japanese text is here.

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