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  1. Kumi-chan

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 04:59 PM

    Waiting for NakaYamaGuri to debut...

  2. rurupedia

    Made a comment, Jan 25 2021 02:38 AM

    2nd single headers dropped and in about half an hour i made new headers. why am i like this lmao

  3. Lurkette

    Made a comment, Jan 23 2021 05:35 PM

    On that note for my Tsunku translations, should I translate his KSS review or his interview with the head of Tower Records next?

    • YellowAccel's Photo
      I vote for the KSS as well.
    • Nayok-Kihara's Photo
      Also voting for KSS. Love them too much to pass that up.
    • Lurkette's Photo
      KSS review part 1 is done and up. Part 2 will come at some point.
  4. Lurkette

    Made a comment, Jan 22 2021 04:19 PM

    I do wonder if there's some sort of issue someone might have with me translating articles that have been paywalled, but it's not like any of you would have paid for an article you can't even read, right?

    • rurupedia's Photo
      i'm fine with it lol, even if i understood i wouldn't pay for it tbh
    • Nayok-Kihara's Photo
      Same, I'm totally fine with it.
    • Lurkette's Photo
      I know people get sensitive about sharing fan club content and other paywalled things, but I feel like this just isn't content anyone this side of the fandom would buy so it's not like I'm stealing a subscriber from them.
  5. Kumi-chan

    Made a comment, Jan 22 2021 03:24 PM

    So, new goods on elineup + KAT-TUN and Dreamcatcher comebacks...yeah...I will end up poor again.

    • rurupedia's Photo
      me with the new nogizaka + beyooooonds singles lololol
    • Kumi-chan's Photo
      They want to ruined us xD
  6. rurupedia

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2021 06:01 PM

    gekikara love soty!!!

  7. tadase

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2021 04:59 PM

    Idg why Tsubaki needs to add members when most of the back girls right now are even as talented as who they're pushing a lot? Like, give me more Saorin, Mao and Kisora???

    • rurupedia's Photo
      im guessing its a way to reignite interest and to avoid a kobushi situation (not just a ton of members leaving but like, loss of popularity/fans). still kinda weird tho
    • honeyharunanfan's Photo
      More members will probably leave soon, so they're adding new ones to keep the group going.
    • xKO's Photo
      Just what I was thinking, too. They have so many great members in the current lineup they could promote more...