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  1. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Aug 16 2020 07:30 AM

    I'm gonna dip now these 11 years have been fun though.

    • yuripop's Photo
      sad to see u go but have a good one!
    • mizukingdom1's Photo
      Hope it's not forever but you do what you have to do
    • Juandalyn's Photo
      I'm sad to see you go, but it's okay to leave. Wish you all the best!
  2. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Jun 16 2020 06:52 PM

    Hey so when do I graduate from being a senpai to a dai-senpai, admins?

    • Cio'20's Photo
      Yeah, I don't think mods give out that title anymore though rip
    • Gabby's Photo
      WE have mods on this hell site?
    • yuripop's Photo
  3. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 05 2020 08:12 AM

    Every time I'm signed out I f have a fear I won't be able to log in anymore.

  4. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Jan 17 2020 03:21 AM

    H!P has become much more financially stable lately with good sales from Tsubaki Factory and Beyooooonds, rivalling Momusu's. Shame these forums aren't as stable.

  5. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Apr 25 2019 10:51 AM

    You know, I don't think going the viral route is a bad idea, UFP should try this more in future.

    • Fallacia's Photo
      At the very least, it's more fun. Just with Angerme, it's at least 230k more views already than they would have gotten in the same amount of time even before considering the 240k from the cheering squad version. Most views will certainly be from fans, but that's still more potential for reach.
  6. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Apr 14 2019 09:14 PM

    The bots are back in town!

    • Casidesia's Photo
      Oof. Has this happened before? That person seemed like a normal user, my thought is the account was hacked or something.
    • Cio'20's Photo
      I've seen it a few times, I dunno if someone account was hacked though.
  7. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Nov 12 2018 09:26 PM

    Forums are back! What happened?

    • Krusha's Photo
      Minor server issues that couldn't be fixed immediately.
    • IchVermisseDenSommer's Photo
      ^Oh so it's nothing to worry about? The forum recently had a couple of issues so I'm feeling a little uneasy
  8. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Oct 17 2018 09:08 PM

    Amenomori Kawaumi is just a mess of words, and when saying Beyonds do I have to hold onto the onds bit for like 10 seconds each time?

  9. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Oct 15 2018 09:47 AM

    I just want Kobushi to do well...

    • Lalalaalala's Photo
      Me too, they deserve it
    • Gabby's Photo
      They'll be fine. They look at more than just cd sales for how well a group is doing.
    • YellowAccel's Photo
      Yeah, plus their sales are more dissapointing than really bad. I'm sad for the girls, but selling 20-25k isn't bad for idols. Unless Up-Front start giving them less stuff, there's no reason to panic.
  10. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Jul 17 2018 02:24 PM

    "I wonder how Ikuta is today" "GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD"

    • chisafan's Photo
      She had her morning coffee x 3. Is all.
  11. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Jun 15 2018 11:45 AM

    Yes, come back to us, Kago!

  12. Cio'20

    Made a comment, May 16 2018 11:35 AM

    Hey, so, uh, what happened?

    • YellowAccel's Photo
      Not sure, but seems like we lost a lot of thread and posts... Everything we posted in haachin’s thread in April is gone, there’s no thread for her grad single, same problem for the other members thread :O Hope it will be fixed.
    • Muyim Pimoup's Photo
      Muyim Pimoup
      it's glitch in the matrix ,,
  13. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Mar 27 2018 03:14 PM

    Was really feeling Sayashi-loss tonight. Not now. Now I don't feel anything.

  14. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Mar 25 2018 06:46 AM

    I'm just gonna leave a "I told you so" here instead of on Airi's thread. She did not compose any songs and only contributed lyrics in a couple.

    • taylorniw's Photo
      Realistically, she’ll probably never actually compose her own music.
    • MocchiMooch's Photo
      A lot of people don't realize that "composition" refers to melodies on paper, harmonies, etc. It's very complex and requires experience and training. Arranging is just as complex. Lyricism is probably the easiest part.
    • Juandalyn's Photo
      While I often complain about arrangers (especially Ookubo) I actually admire them a lot since arranging seems really complicated.
      When it comes to lyricism and melodies it's complex but also stuff we did in school (of course, only simple songs) but arranging, oh boy.
  15. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 13 2018 05:17 PM

    That 20th anniversary show made me so damn nostalgic for Hello Morning. Also I now really REALLY miss both Mika and Kago. Re-unite Mini Moni!

  16. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Nov 26 2017 01:14 PM

    It took me 11 months to realise I didn't update my name to reflect the year.

  17. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Nov 08 2017 10:11 PM

    How many nails is that in Kobushi's coffin now? :(

    • SailorKame's Photo
      Hamachan's picture was very unclear, it's possible it wasn't her no matter how much sleuthing the wotas do.

      Now, these latest pictures are pretty clear cut unless Taguchi has a twin sister or there's a girl out there that looks exactly like her. We'll see what happens.
    • Gabby's Photo
      Eh they still have their 5 strongest members so...
    • Gabby's Photo
      Well 4 but I really love Sako so 5 for me

  18. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Mar 19 2017 12:58 PM

    So many exciting things today, Sayu's first performance in 2 years and CUCA making it into STU48!

  19. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 23 2017 02:15 PM

    Goddamn it, H!P, now you've lost CUCA too.

    • Blu-Cherri's Photo
      I think the group being local will have a huge impact really, she might even be able to just stay living with family. I thought STU48 still had 1 more round to go?
    • SZA's Photo
      Wow, good for her.
    • Laharle's Photo
      I don't think it was a loss either tbh /like I'd say for Ruru and Kurumi tbh/. I think she has this case like Kaede, in which her hard work is seen and people want to root for her, but talent wise she's very average, especially in vocals. We never see all this other girls and their hard work, just that they are numbers that didn't get in. It's good Cuca could finally be an idol though!
  20. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 09 2017 10:49 AM

    You'll Melt More! Is definitely climbing on my list of fave idol groups.

  21. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 08 2017 05:07 AM

    I'm sure it's just news websites jumping to conclusions, right??

    • Cio'20's Photo
      @Krusha about Matsuno Rina;;
    • taylorniw's Photo
      I would have expected Stardust to deny it in a heartbeat if it was false. :/
    • Krusha's Photo
      Not sure of the frequency of misreports in JP news, but it seems strange for so many outlets to report on something that isn't true. Of course, it'd be nice if it was, but... I doubt it.
  22. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Feb 03 2017 03:45 PM

    It struck me earlier, one of the big differences between modern H!P and old H!P is the old created colourful worlds in their MVs. Look at Mini Moni and old Momusu MVs then compare them to the current where very few hold any stretch of the imagination. The new aren't bad but they have a different feel. I sorely miss the old MVs though.

    • Snipey's Photo
      Ayaya's PVs were also kinda psychedelic back in the day.
  23. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Jan 28 2017 04:04 AM

    Michishige Saisei!

  24. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Dec 28 2016 05:06 PM

    I've been stuck on this site for almost 8 years. Send help.

    • Blu-Cherri's Photo
      11years for me, I can't help you.
    • Snipey's Photo
      We're on the same boat.
    • Mixi's Photo
      I've been lurking with this account since 2005 :(
  25. Cio'20

    Made a comment, Dec 01 2016 11:21 AM

    Miyamoto Karin will never not look like my cat.