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  1. raspberry

    Made a comment, Aug 10 2013 04:17 PM

    My main dilemma of life is that all my posters aren't gonna fit in my uni dorm...

    • Morning Death's Photo
      Morning Death
      OMG girl, if that would happen to me, I would like suicide myself so much and stuff.
  2. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jul 11 2013 09:15 PM

    I shall give £100000 to whoever finds me a pic of myself shaking hands with Nakky.

  3. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jul 09 2013 07:14 PM

    *watches nakky climb further up my ranking...*

    • TheFicusWithSuperPowers's Photo
      *watches my adrenaline growing up in my head because of the happiness of nakky getting more fans*
    • raspberry's Photo
      She's already my current #4, but after meeting her and her being so amazing to me, I have a feeling maybe she'll climb further up and cause chaos with my mind. *U*
  4. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jul 09 2013 12:01 AM

    I'm still so exhausted from the trip oh my god... eAe

  5. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jun 10 2013 10:43 PM

    Roman My Dear Boy is so amazing live tbh

    • raspberry's Photo
      Only just saw this haha~~ True. But. Live. It's just. THEY'RE SO SYNCHRONISED AN REALLY GOOD AND PERFECT AND IT LOOKS SO FUN ;;
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      You've seen it live? Ugh! *radiates jealousy*
    • raspberry's Photo
      Ahhh no sorry~! I just meant on DVD and such! *O*~ I wish.
  6. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jun 09 2013 08:51 PM

    yawns. how is the holidays so boring...

  7. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jun 02 2013 01:02 PM

    I have a huge exam tomorrow. I've done no studying for it. Yet I'm sat calmly reading back through the depths of the Yossie thread... Hmmm~

  8. raspberry

    Made a comment, Apr 15 2013 08:35 PM

    lalala takemei u so cute

  9. raspberry

    Made a comment, Apr 08 2013 11:33 AM

    see you all in paris ;)

  10. raspberry

    Made a comment, Apr 03 2013 02:17 PM

    I wanna see C-ute tooooo! I'm coming to France guys BD... First I need to buy some C-ute goods orz

  11. raspberry

    Made a comment, Mar 06 2013 01:42 AM

    18 AT LASTTTTT! (happy birthday to momoko too)

    • TenshiDoll's Photo
      Happy Birthday!!! ^_^
    • NightOfFire'19's Photo
      Happy birthday! I hope you have a blast this year!
    • raspberry's Photo
      Thank you everyoneee!! ^U^/ I'm sure it'll be a great year (now that I can legally drink in my country~~~ >D...)
  12. raspberry

    Made a comment, Feb 26 2013 02:01 PM

    whenever i come onto H!O, it attempts to send me multiple files that are 'harmful to your computer'. why and what should i do... ene...

    • Amoz's Photo
      Clearing your browser cache might help. Anyhow, does it happen everywhere on H!O or just some place?
    • raspberry's Photo
      Just when I open it up, I generally go straight to the Momusu thread since my address bar remembers it, but if I went straight to the news feed, it did it too. xD I updated my Flash right now and it's not done it this time... Maybe it was that? idk why it'd come up just on H!O though, still! :)
    • Erin.'s Photo
      That happened to me a couple times when I opened H!O from google rather than my favourites bar. I don't know why it happens, but I'd run an anti-virus scan just in case.
  13. raspberry

    Made a comment, Feb 20 2013 11:06 PM

    ~I have a Yossie shirt and you (most likely) don't~

    • Rice-chan's Photo
      .. I don't! How did you know! :P
      Still, a yossie shirt is really cool! congrats~
    • raspberry's Photo
      haha im just braggine everywhere... >u>! can't blame me really!!
      super cool!! came really fast too! i squealed when i opened it~~~
  14. raspberry

    Made a comment, Feb 05 2013 03:01 PM

    YOSSIE SHIRT WILL FINALLY BE MINE~~ Now I can be even more supportive to Yossie! BD

  15. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 25 2013 02:11 PM

    I really want Shuffle Groups again~ Get Up! Rapper and Dancing! Natsu Matsuri were really great~ eAe

    • callmeveej's Photo
      Check out the SATOYAMA movement, not called a "shuffle" explicitly, but full of shuffle-style sub units.
    • raspberry's Photo
      Yeah, I've seen them all, they're not really shuffled though, just units... I want a full shuffle. It used to be pretty much a yearly thing really... Missing it.
  16. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 22 2013 01:26 PM

    Anyone got a link to the Do It! Now practice dance video MM did shortly after Goto graduation~? The one I watched was deleted from YouTube~~ ^^

  17. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 21 2013 01:33 PM

    Travelled on 4 different trains for school this morning. Freezing and bedraggled from the snow. Stayed up all night watching concerts, sleepy. First lesson cancelled. Gonna stay on H!O to pass the time. Today is so bad.

  18. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2013 08:22 PM

    So it seems that Miki and Sayumi don't have a Osaka Koi no Uta mic shot. WHY ON EARTH NOT THEY'RE SO COOL.

  19. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2013 08:11 PM

    So close to completing my Osaka Koi no Uta mic set!! Makoto, Miki, Sayumi, WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO FIND!!

  20. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2013 03:06 AM

    Can't stop listening to Top! from No. 5!! >U<~

    • Colours's Photo
      I know! I love the beginning so much! xD
    • panda•mei•nium's Photo
      Such an awesome song! ^_^
    • raspberry's Photo
      It's great!! I love the live performance of it from Spring 2003! Kaorin rocks it. xD
  21. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 18 2013 01:46 PM

    What wait how did I spend £160 on idol goods this week...?

    • Snipey's Photo
    • raspberry's Photo
      So shocked. Got my bank statement and did a double tale lol
      I'm supposed to be saving, not spending more!!
  22. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 17 2013 01:49 AM

    Why is there a huge lack of old Yossie merchandise compared to other OGs? All I want in life is a Yossie shirt ):

    • mochi.rini's Photo
      cause everyone loves her too much to sell her merchandise? :D
    • raspberry's Photo
      Pretty much!! And I'm just a generally unlucky person when it comes to stuff like this!! It's frustrating~ I'm cursed.
  23. raspberry

    Made a comment, Jan 13 2013 03:12 AM

    I find countless Rika, Miki, other OG shirts online wherever I go. Why is it so hard to find a single Yossie shirt?! :U

  24. raspberry

    Made a comment, Dec 05 2012 12:09 PM

    I always sleep in on a Wednesday because I hate all of my lessons today ): And it's snowing so much... To go in, or not to go in... >n<

  25. raspberry

    Made a comment, Nov 18 2012 05:58 PM

    Can't think of anything I want from my parents for Christmas... Hmmm...