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  1. Ro-kun

    Made a comment, Jun 25 2020 11:15 PM

    Let me know if you have any problems with news feed updates!

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      Thanks for always keeping us in the loop with the Q&A posts!
  2. Ro-kun

    Made a comment, Jan 02 2015 11:10 PM

    Hi H!O folks - I wonder how many people read these? I'm looking for someone to create new banners for Pocket Mornings which will be posted to the news feed. I will need updated banners for all groups, using pictures you like (simple is best), currently including Morning Musume (with 12th gen), C-ute, Angerme (with 3rd gen), and Juice=Juice. Please PM me if you are willing to do this, and thank you very much!

  3. Ro-kunWhiteForte

    Made a comment, Apr 26 2012 04:36 AM

    Hey! Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. I actually fell asleep for a couple hours then, lol. Otherwise, I'm online quite a bit of the time, and if you see me on, feel free to IM ^^

  4. Ro-kunMistygemmy

    Made a comment, Apr 23 2012 05:09 PM

    Thank you for the comment! It's great to hear people enjoy what I do :) I apologize I haven't been able to translate AIka's blog more often...

  5. Ro-kunWhiteForte

    Made a comment, Apr 03 2012 03:22 AM

    Feel free to IM me anytime :D Be good to have another BeriKyuu fan to talk to, lol. I should talk to others around here as well. :P

  6. Ro-kunWhiteForte

    Made a comment, Apr 03 2012 02:13 AM

    All my information's in my profile, but thanks for asking anyway. ^^

  7. Ro-kunEyikii

    Made a comment, Apr 02 2012 01:34 PM

    Hi! Thanks for the comment! :D
    I'm glad to hear of people enjoying the blogs and translations ♥

  8. Ro-kunWhiteForte

    Made a comment, Mar 01 2012 05:02 PM

    Hey! Thanks for the add! :D I'm surprised we weren't already, lol.

  9. Ro-kunWhiteForte

    Made a comment, Jan 01 2012 05:05 PM

    Hey, Happy New Year ^^
    Glad to have seen you appear this last year~ Nice to see more really active members!

  10. Ro-kundzmi13

    Made a comment, Dec 10 2011 01:41 AM

    Hello! No, it doesn't seem like I did... >_<
    Thank you so much for the thought though!!!

  11. Ro-kunGabby

    Made a comment, Nov 16 2011 05:36 PM

    Hey! I just use my name on facebook - Jacob Gans - but like I said, I don't update there often. ^^; Most of my social H!P activity lately involves doing blog translations for generally Berryz and C-ute at http://blog.mm-bbs.org/ :)

  12. Ro-kunairinokappa

    Made a comment, Nov 15 2011 12:21 AM

    Aww thanks for the concern!!! Yeah I'm feeling much better now, though I still have some treatment to go probably over the next couple weeks. Hope you're doing well :)

  13. Ro-kundzmi13

    Made a comment, Nov 14 2011 07:59 PM

    Of course you'd ask me this question on a week when I'm sick and not updating. ^^; I'd really hate to receive anything from you all, but I am poor and it's something I end up volunteering an awful lot of time for >_< I believe my paypal account is [email protected], but I've never used it to receive anything before. Please don't feel obligated to anything th...

  14. Ro-kunApple Cake

    Made a comment, Aug 31 2011 09:13 PM

    Hey! I never thanked you for the happy birthday. I'm bad at this social media stuff. XD And well, thank you :)

  15. Ro-kunHexoone

    Made a comment, Aug 21 2011 02:34 AM

    Thanks for the wish ^^ Glad to hear from you!!

  16. Ro-kunairinokappa

    Made a comment, Aug 21 2011 02:19 AM

    Thank you so much for the very sweet birthday message! :D And like I've said before, grats for everything lately. :)

  17. Ro-kunmalgorium

    Made a comment, Jul 27 2011 02:20 AM

    Thanks for the comment about translations! :D I know you all are out there, and that gives me motivation to continue them (almost) every day. ♥ I'm happy to hear you enjoy them!!!

  18. Ro-kunReina!♥

    Made a comment, Apr 04 2011 04:11 PM

    Hello. Somehow I didn't get your site so can't comment on it. As for English translation pages though...
    They do seem to update Reina! Project quickly, so that might be the place to go for timely translations... At blog!project I guess we're still working on trying to get them all out.

  19. Ro-kun

    Made a comment, Jan 14 2011 02:08 PM

    Lol it's okay, I found you here. XD You did seem to go missing though. :P