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  1. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Jun 15 2013 06:25 PM

    That awkward moment when you realize you could have just googled the site you were looking for to find the link, that's me right now...haha.

  2. VioletDreamerCAiTlin_Beat

    Made a comment, Jun 15 2013 07:11 PM

    I absolutely love your graphics! I couldn't resist popping by to say so. IshiYoshi's great!

  3. VioletDreamersailormari

    Made a comment, Aug 13 2013 05:24 AM

    I love your graphics! Mari looks so pretty in them. Who won the 2012 Mari fan award?

  4. VioletDreamerV Project

    Made a comment, Aug 22 2013 11:57 PM

    You have to love Utaban, huh?

  5. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Aug 26 2013 03:27 AM

    Love watching Utaban episodes. They're all so funny!

  6. VioletDreamerMamaStayfit

    Made a comment, Aug 26 2013 03:41 PM

    I love the quotes in your signature!

  7. VioletDreamerParuYui

    Made a comment, Aug 26 2013 06:03 PM

    Awww, we're friends now! Hurray for friendship!

  8. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Aug 28 2013 12:31 PM

    Way to go Morning Musume! Keep these great sales going! Really wish I could buy this from CDJapan or something. *sigh*

    • WorldGN18's Photo
      I know that feeling!!! my country has an exchange control so i don't have dollars to buy it T.T
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      Are they on Japan iTunes?
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      More H!P stuff than is on American iTunes I mean.
  9. VioletDreamerminaeshi

    Made a comment, Aug 30 2013 12:33 PM

    Wow, you speak 4 languages huh, and your learning a fifth? That's awesome! I want to learn Japanese, but since my college doesn't have it I'm trying to find a good way to do that. You just joined recently huh? Why did you choose to add me as a friend if you don't mind my asking?

    • minaeshi's Photo
      Yeah, but I'm mostly fluent in English and French since they're my first languages xD
      Well, I've been on Hello!Online for a while, but I've never really bothered to say anything because I like reading others opinions before saying anything >.<
      I think you're really kind, and you seem to know a lot about Hello Project xD
      Thank you for adding me btw :3
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      Awww! I don't know as much about H!P as a lot of other people on here do to be honest, but I love it a lot. I just wish there was a H!P store in America that was close to me. That would be awesome! How did you discover H!P, and what are some of your favorite songs?
  10. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Sep 01 2013 12:31 AM

    I'm loving Mizuki and Sakura more and more, I just can't help it.

    • ParuYui's Photo
      I know right :D
      (I already love Mizupon for a while but I'm also warming up to Sakura :D )
  11. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Sep 03 2013 05:19 PM

    Why can't I buy the songs from Ribbon no Kishi the Musical on iTunes? /frustrated I did buy MM's Wagama and Ai no Gundan there though. Which song do you think is the best B-side?

  12. VioletDreamerBexie

    Made a comment, Sep 05 2013 07:16 PM

    I love the second line of your sig! Lol. I had to come here and share the Yossi love! Also: A lot of my kpop loving friends like SHINee, so I want to listen to a few of there songs and see how they are, any recommendations?

    • Bexie's Photo
      YES YOSSY :D She's just so great ^_^
      And with SHINee, "Lucifer" is my favourite song by them. "Sherlock (Clue+Note)" is also good, and for newer stuff I really like "Why So Serious?" (if you watch that MV after the others you might notice there's a member missing - I think Jonghyun, one of their main singers, had been in a car accident around that time and couldn't be there because of his injuries (which thankfully weren't severe), just in case you...
    • Bexie's Photo
      And I just remembered I haven't been keeping up with SHINee over the past couple of months, so I just checked and they released a new Japanese album and I really like "Breaking News", one of the singles from that album.
      The outfits are a little... out there (lol) but blimey they can dance! xD
  13. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Sep 05 2013 07:22 PM

    Lately I've really been wanting to go to Japan with some fellow H!P lovers. How awesome would that be?

    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      I'm jealous of you for having H!P loving friends in real life! *sends out jealous vibes*
    • Gambit Owner's Photo
      Gambit Owner
      wanting watching their live in budokan....feeling bad for momusu have a poor fan like me
    • xHadex's Photo
      I am interested
  14. VioletDreamerParuYui

    Made a comment, Oct 21 2013 09:10 PM

    You have Aika on your profile! Yay! She looks so adorable! :) Love your set btw, I forget who's thread I saw it in but it is loverly.

    • ParuYui's Photo
      Aika is a cutie :)
      Thank you very much ^^
  15. VioletDreamershyuuto

    Made a comment, Nov 11 2013 04:28 PM

    I love your avatar! Sayaka is great, isn't she?

    • shyuuto's Photo
      Thanks. She's awesome! I love how she's so driven.
      I love your avatar too! Hangry&Angry!
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      Thanks! :) I love the Rika/Yossie duo, they're great! I miss Sayaka being in AKB.
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      Also, it's great to see another US H!P fan! Now if I could just find some where I live... Haha, that'd be nice.
  16. VioletDreamerAyumine

    Made a comment, Mar 30 2014 09:22 PM

    I love your graphics! Aika, Ayumi, and Mizuki are all great, aren't they?

    • Ayumine's Photo
      Thank you! xdrewdrawdrawn made them for me :3 Aika is my favorite Idol overall, Ayumi is my favorite current Member, but Mizuki comes close second!
  17. VioletDreamerxHadex

    Made a comment, Apr 14 2014 05:40 PM

    Hi there! What's up?

  18. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Apr 14 2014 06:38 PM

    I love Morning Musume's new single! Can't wait to find out the first day's sales. I also can't wait to see what Berryz Kobo's next single is like!

  19. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, May 09 2014 08:59 PM

    Does anyone know anything about this site? Such as if they're trustworthy or not?: http://www.fan-clubber.com/about-fan-clubber.html

  20. VioletDreamerMewchan

    Made a comment, May 12 2014 12:55 PM

    Welcome to the site (even though you registered a long time ago). Let me know if you want to chat! :)

    • Mewchan's Photo
      Yeah, all my friends are into anime or vocaloid.
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      That's cool!
    • Mewchan's Photo
      Yeah, I like anime and vocaloid myself but I'm not obsessed with it so I don't really know what they're talking about sometimes lol.
  21. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, May 15 2014 02:37 PM

    Anyone know why I can't find Cha Cha Sing on American ITunes?

    • ShiningLight445's Photo
      I haven't had the luck. Perhaps because it's a song that they covered, and it isn't an original song
    • Halos's Photo
      Yeah, same with LOVING YOU TOO MUCH. It's because their cover songs, and don't own full rights to them.
    • VioletDreamer's Photo
      Ah, I see. Thanks for the information!
  22. VioletDreamer

    Made a comment, Jul 03 2014 05:17 PM

    Liking The Power! Even if the kaleidoscope parts are a little strange to me, they certainly add a uniqueness to the PV!

  23. VioletDreamerbloop7676

    Made a comment, Oct 09 2014 12:20 AM

    Hi there! Just stopping by to say I love your avie!

    • bloop7676's Photo
      Thanks lol, it's the best part of Shabadabadoo imo :P
  24. VioletDreamerOhasumi

    Made a comment, Oct 09 2014 12:24 AM

    Love your avie!

    • Ohasumi's Photo
      haha thanks! xD I'm keeping this until Sayu graduates~
  25. VioletDreameraleXcaRn

    Made a comment, Oct 13 2014 02:39 PM

    Just wanted to say I love your aatar. <3