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Gossip from the turbulent times of 2007 not worth posting in the forums

Posted by PCC, 17 June 2014 · 322 views

gossip not news fakish
Gossip from the turbulent times of 2007 not worth posting in the forums pic somewhat vaguely related. ripped off from jhip forums.

"i've been hearing rumors that Aibon is now residing in New York.
Again..don't get your hopes up"

"Not home right now, and I don't have all my dictionaries with me, but just looking at the article it seems it says something about Yossi talking on a TV show about how she used to scold MM members when she was leader. Not sure about it."
- huh , she did??? she always looks so chill.

"Well, I remember Sanma on Young Town Doyoubi before Miki 's resignation, she was talking about shopping and saving the little money she had, and Sanma said he had documents and proof that MM was among the best paid acts in Japanese entertainment, so he scolded Miki for lying about making little money."

- miki the big spender or was she already preparing for a big wedding?

"OK a friend of mine is getting seriously paranoid that Koharu is in or going to be in deep doo-doo and that this might prompt her to leave Musume and Company.
I haven't heard of such a thing and assume that any dirt would be discussed in this thread. But there's NOTHING that has surfaced about Koharu, right? Am I missing something here? Did I miss my issue of "Secret H!P Scandal Weekly" magazine?"

- harhar. koharu don't care about the dudes. if that's the kind of "scandal" you're looking for.

"- Fujimoto quits showbiz over her boyfriend
- Next weeks Dokimiki night is the last one
- GAM is now history
- Fujimoto and the BF went to Bic Camera in Shibuya to get a computer (I knew shopping at Yodabashi Camera, Shinjuku was a bad idea)
- From now on Fujimoto seems to have fun and no worries"

- miki quite happily became a housewife for years? and her ex-playboy of a hubby didn't ###### around. good for her.

"lol, I love gossip.

Last week's gossip was about Miki-sama complaining because they did it 6 times a day.
is that what it srsly says in the article"

-i would say i'm jelly, but from a guy, XP 6X is ###### tiring for a guy. though i heard miki's man is quite a fitness fan. oh that rhymes!

okay. enough of gossip of future past today!!

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