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Kosame plans her debut

Posted by mountainoluv, 22 December 2020 · 928 views

Kosame Kyoto singer-songwriter Passion tour chekis
Kosame plans her debut Kyoto-based Kosame is a singer-songwriter. She is really cute with her bunny teeth. That’s the way they do it in Japan! Too bad you can’t see them in the photo.

Kosame was a trainee in a dance and vocal unit called Passion but it didn’t work out. So, she decided to go solo. Her style of music is metal and she plays lead guitar in addition to singing. She plans to debut with a single in December and with a live performance in January through production and management company Idol Underworld.
She is planning a world tour including (at least) the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

This month, she started selling chekis. I wasn’t aware of this concept, but they look like autographed Polaroids.

One positive characteristic of Kosame is her English-speaking ability. She speaks English, she writes songs in English, and she sings in English. She even occasionally Tweets @kitsuneameKSM in English! She seems to be making a concerted effort to cater to an international fanbase. She seems to be a cool idol in that she responds to her fans on Twitter, in English when needed.

She has big plans and we will see how it turns out. I wish her great success in her musical career!

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