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Perfume MIX

Posted by mountainoluv, 25 May 2017 · 2495 views

Perfume Halcali Kyary Pamyu Pamyu music autotune YouTube
Perfume MIX I made a great discovery the other day. In the suggested videos column on YouTube, I noticed ‘Perfume Mix [46 songs].’ I was at work, doing something that didn’t require deep concentration. I had heard of Perfume before, and I was curious about their music. I clicked on the video, and I was glad I did!

The video was an hour and 31 minutes long. I really liked the music! I don’t have a great musical vocabulary, so I can’t effectively describe their sound. Plus, I don’t believe in putting music into neat categories. Sometimes, the music of an artist spans categories, or can’t be accurately categorized. One thing I can say is that they relied pretty heavily on autotune for their vocals. In some of their songs, I heard patterns that reminded me of Halcali. In other songs, they reminded me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Then, I got to thinking that maybe that this was just the sound of Japanese music.

For previous blog posts, I did a little research about the individual or group I was writing about. I decided not to do that this time, though. I wanted to keep it brief. I also wanted to let my readers educate me about Perfume by leaving comments. All I know is that they are three good looking ladies. I think they have been around for some time. It seems like the mix I was listening to was made in honor of their tenth anniversary as a group. And from the video’s comments, I found out that they had released some music after the mix was made, which was not included.

Anyway, I just wanted to give my impression of the music of Perfume, in brief. The video I watched is linked below. Once again, I welcome comments about Perfume. I am interested in their backgrounds, what they are up to now, who is the brains behind their sound, and so forth. Thanks in advance for your comments.

I love their style and sound - Natural ni Koishite was the first I listened to and LOVED!

Wow, that’s great, I have never listened Perfume MIX song before but now I watch this video and I must say that it is amazing. Thanks for sharing the great video. I like it very much.

I came to find out that the same guy who produced Perfume's music also produces Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music. That would explain why they sound similar . . .

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