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Duos: groups of two girls that I like

Posted by mountainoluv, 19 February 2014 · 1688 views

GAM Aya Matsuura Miki Fujimoto Jill and Lauren Kira Pika Koharu Kusumi Mai Hagiwara Smile.dk Hello! Project
Duos: groups of two girls that I like What’s happening? I hope everything is going well for you. I made my first visit to Legoland in Carlsbad, California on Sunday. It was fun. I especially liked the boat tour that showed, among other things, the Taj Mahal and Mount Rushmore made out of Lego blocks.

Today, I’d like to address duos, groups of two girls, that I like. As I did previously, the groups addressed in this post can be considered honorable mentions. In my next post, I will cover my top four female singing duos. Once again, the groups will be covered in alphabetical order.

One girl duo I like is GAM. They are Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto. I have discussed these idols in previous posts. They are so beautiful and cute. I don’t know which one is cuter. I look at one, and conclude that nobody can be cuter. Then, I look at the other, and I am confused, and I reconsider. The only song by GAM with which I am familiar is “Melodies.” In the PV for “Melodies,” Aya and Miki act very friendly with each other . . . like they are more than just friends. They are really teasing the male audience, and I must admit I fell for it! I just noticed on Wikipedia that they have some other songs, so I should probably research these other songs, too.

Another girl duo I like is Jill and Lauren. You probably haven’t heard of them. They were the Belgian national winners for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Jill is a blonde, and Lauren is a brunette. As part of the contest, they wrote what I consider a perfect pop song, titled “Get Up!” The song is catchy, and upbeat, with inspirational lyrics, along the lines of “I’m gonna do it my own way” and “tomorrow I’ll be standing on top.” The dance in the PV is very good, too. I regret that this was just a one-shot group, and they never released any more songs. I’d like to note that their song came in seventh (out of 14) in the 2010 JESC. In my opinion, it should have done MUCH better.

Another group I like is Kira Pika, who are Koharu Kusumi and Mai Hagiwara. They have a single and a PV called “Hana Wo Puun.” It’s kind of a cool song . . . a little weird, but I still like it. Apparently it is about having a runny nose. Another song they have is Futari Wa NS. This song is a bit too slow for my taste, but they look so cute in the PV, they won me over. It’s like Koharu is the young aunt and Mai is the niece. They seem mismatched in terms of their size and maturity, but, for some reason, I think they complement each other nicely. (It’s probably because I think they are both super cute, ha ha!)

The fourth and final group I’d like to cover in this post is Smile.dk. They are two ladies from Denmark. The original members of the group were Veronica Almqvist and Nina Boquist. They released a number of singles and albums. They became a big hit in Japan. Perhaps you are familiar with some of their songs through the game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Some of the Smile.dk songs that were released as part of DDR were “Butterfly” and “Dancing all Alone.” Perhaps my favorite song by Smile.dk is “Coconut.” It just has a very catchy, upbeat, and positive feeling. Boquist left the group, and was replaced by Malin Kernby. The group went on hiatus for some time, and then reformed, with a new singer in place of Kernby. This new singer then left, and was replaced by a different singer, who subsequently left the group. It has been announced that Smile.dk will continue as a solo act, with Veronica, who has been a constant member since the group was founded. The group made some excellent music and some excellent PVs. While I am happy about what they have produced, I don’t have my hopes up for the future of Smile.dk. I think they need two girls, and that it won’t be as good with only one.

As far as duos are concerned, my favorites are:

SCOOPERS, a Sakura Gakuin subunit consisting of Miyoshi Ayaka and Matsui Airi. 

YuiKaori, consisiting of Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori. 

Momomo no Tone, a subunit of Onigokko consisting of Kawahara Kana and Hoshina Haru.  


You've probably heard of YuiKaori, but not the other two.  I generally follow idols that are a bit "off the radar" for most idol fans.  At least they have me as a fan, if no one else is supporting them.  

Thanks for the comment! Actually, I haven't heard of any of those duos. I'm always interested in finding out about new things, though! I generally like things that are over with . . . defunct, ha ha! Be sure to check back for my next post. I'm going to cover my 'top three duos.' Two will probably be a surprise, but you may be able to guess one of them.

I love duos there's really not enough of them for me. 


My favorites are W, Pink Lady, YuiKaori, KiraPika, Queen & Elizabeth, Hangry & Angry and SCOOPERS. 


I even love duos within groups like 2M (Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio) in HKT48 and W Tomomi (Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi) in AKB. :P


Been meaning to get into GAM for a while now, need to get on that. Smile.dk sounds interesting, will have to give them a listen some time as well. 

Thanks for the comment! I forgot about Hangry & Angry . . . I should have included them in the post. I am a little familiar with Pink Lady, isn't the W song "Southpaw" a cover of one by Pink Lady? Anyway, I appreciate your giving me those leads on new groups to check out.


Oh, and here is a link to "Butterfly," by Smile.dk




You'll probably like it, if you like weird stuff, ha ha!

How about Vanilla Beans? It's bit weird but I assume you're used to that. XD


http://www.youtube.c...h?v=s29dShMT7-Y  Personally I like this song. :)

Yes, that was good! Thanks! The girls in the vid are cute. They had a dance that doesn't require the expenditure of a lot of energy. They must be friendly and kind, too, because they were even nice to clowns. ;) I'll have to investigate more of Vanilla Beans . . .

I forgot about Vanilla Beans! I remember seeing some of their stuff and liking it but for some reason I never got around to downloading/purchasing some of their music. I do have the collab they did with TGS though. 


@mountainoluv: Thanks for the link. That song actually sounds familiar, maybe I heard it before on one of my friends' DDR runs or something. I definitely like weird and I'm digging this. ;) 


Yeah "Southpaw" is originally a Pink Lady track, W also covered another one of their hits: "Nagisa no Sinbad" and Momosu covered "Pepper Keibu". My favorite songs by them are "UFO" and "In the Navy". 


They use that song "Butterfly" a lot. I heard it as background music on a commercial on a Korean TV station (of all places) once. I must've been watching a Korean drama, ha ha!


I was aware that "Nagisa no Sinbad" and "Pepper Keibu" were originally by Pink Lady, but I forgot. I think Pink Lady were quite big in their prime. I read that in all of their activities (record sales, endorsements, etc.) combined, they grossed > $100 million. Further, the show "Music Station" named Pink Lady one of the top 50 idols of all time.

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