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Black light and white night.

Posted by Xeqcme, 06 February 2012 · 326 views

Have you ever had an evil thought that was so far beyond your "normal evil" that you actually had to stop and then apologize mentally? :lol:
*Caution: rambling nonsense*
It happened to me recently...well...not exactly. I thought the thought and then I stopped to think about what I had just thought. Realizing that it was beyond a "normal evil," I knew that I should feel bad enough to do the mental apology. But I did not. I thought I should have felt bad- that I should have been ashamed of myself or sorry for thinking in such a way but I didn't feel bad. It wasn't that the thought was not bad enough either. The thought was definitely "wrong."

What is right and wrong? Why?
Where is the line that is drawn to show when the wrong is wrong enough [towards you] that you should do something?
Why am I thinking this? I'm sure these are the questions that were pondered by the great philosophers since the dawn of philosophy.

I need to be more direct...and the only way for that to work is to be less "nice." Which is also something I must learn to do.
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I was trying to think of a caption for this picture. Then I realized how well it fit with the post. Thank you, Sayu! ^_^

Yin Yang and all that other balance stuff too!

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