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Empire strikes back: another group on a roll

Posted by goratnik, 04 June 2017 · 696 views

Homma Hinata
Empire strikes back: another group on a roll I have been recently increasingly bothered by one small detail: I'm paying some attention to NGT48 for over a year already, but the group doesn't have any oshi, only commissioner (Yuki). Considering that HKT48 or even NGZ46 are doing worse despite having leaders, this is weird. While Yuki is for me sorta an elder archmage in the idol world, taking part in its creation, taking care of two groups seems... tedious on her part. I just kept observing the group on the photolog and never picking up anyone - if anything, only refusing girls the chances. Something like two months ago I have noticed who is like the only one left and raised the idea, but it still seemed like a joke after such a long time.

Finally came a breaking point: elections and their amazingly shocking results. After summing up who gave me most joy with their rank, flipping through the pages of My Girl and BOMB, viewing photolog again and again, checking a stage, finally one SHOWROOM... I'm at last confident that this will be a good idea.

Homma Hinata becomes a candidate for my oshi (and subsequently a group oshi as the first original member of NGT48 promoted).

Two or three weeks of waiting until candidacy passes should be a breeze with all the hype. I'm wondering whether the surprise of the elections didn't give her confidence for a longer stay in the group than she initially considered, cemented her resolve - and time certainly plays a role.

Not even three weeks since the total summary and two new girls are already in/coming, there is no peace ww Why would I listen to voices of sanity, why would I.