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  Tsuji press conference translated highlights  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno & epifanes , updated: 18:40, 10-May 2007  

When exactly did your love relationship start?

Sugiura: It was around summer of last year.

And when was marriage considered?

Sugiura: January of this year.

In what month of pregnancy are you?

Tsuji: I'm in my ninth week.

How was the proposal worded?

Sugiura: Ah, this is embarrassing. I love her smile, so it was: "I love to see you smiling, so let me see that smile for the rest of my life. Would you stay with me forever?"

Tsuji-san, how did you react?

Tsuji: Frankly, when I heard that, there was a sudden whiteout inside my head, and I was so happy that I instantly started to cry.

How did you time your proposal?

Sugiura: It was on my birthday, in a car while driving. I gave her the ring then. [Sugiura's birthday is March 10th.]

What kind of ring is it?

Tsuji: The birthstone for June. [pearl]

Did you think about abortion?

Sugiura: It's a life born as a result of our love, and we'd like to take good care of this life.

Weren't you surprised hearing about the pregnancy?

Sugiura: We both didn't know what to say, so we just laughed. But we were both happy.

Weren't your parents surprised?

Tsuji: I've been talking about my wedding plans with both my family and agency. It's natural to think about marriage when you're dating someone. Both of my parents understood this well, and although it was our decision, they were supporting it wholeheartedly.

How did you announce it to the Morning Musume members and your other colleagues?

Tsuji: I sent an email to each one, and they all instantly replied back, saying "Congrats" or "It could be hard from now on, but do your best!"

Were they surprised?

Tsuji: Yes, especially the older members. Like, "I never thought Tsuji would come first." That was a comment from a certain 34-year-old member.

Where did you meet?

Sugiura: Accidentally, at a friend's house. In a very ordinary way.

It was reported that you got to know each other through ex-Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari...

Sugiura: It had nothing to do with Yaguchi-san. It was through a non-celebrity friend.

What about your work from now on?

Tsuji: I'm aware of the troubles caused to many people by my withdrawal from the play and Gyaruru, and I really feel sorry, but I think that the life blooming in my belly is more important than anything else. I'm sorry, but I want to give birth to this baby. If and when things start to calm down, I'm ready to come back and start from scratch again.

Do you two argue?

Sugiura: Yes, but nothing big.

What's the usual reason?

Tsuji: Me. This relationship is about getting bound to each other, and I'm quite selfish about many things, etc.

Who comes out with the apology first?

Tsuji: No one apologizes. We just go to sleep, and when we wake up, we say "Morning!" to each other.

If it's a girl, would you let her join Morning Musume?

Tsuji: Well, I've been in the group and in showbusiness since I finished elementary school at the age of 12, so I think she has to finish junior/senior high at least, and then it would be okay.

If it's a boy, would you like him to become an Ultraman?

Sugiura: Of course. My dream since elementary school was to become an Ultraman once. I would be glad to show him Ultraman as well.

Photo Credit: Mainichi News

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