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Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
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  Hello!Online wants YOU!  
  Hello!Project Written by LilJo , updated: 23:06, 12-Nov 2005  
  No, we're not going to war, haha ;) But this spotlight will outline what we think members of this community can do for Hello!Online.

Hello!Online is a voluntary organization which aims to widen the fan base of Hello!Project worldwide. HPS is a subtitling group integrated into Hello!Online. The key players who are managing Hello!Online and HPS are in fact the same people.

In this type of internet/fan based community it is my belief that success comes from co-operation between every member of the community.

Members that agree with this simple thought can act in different ways in order to make this community stronger:

To become the greatest forum about H!P
- Post and participate in discussions.
- Show respect towards other Hello!Online members.

To maintain the role as leading H!P tracker
- Upload torrents.
- Maintain a fair ratio.

To keep the community up-to-date on H!P appearances
- Share H!P pictures with other Hello!Online members.

To spread more English H!P material
- Join us, if you're qualified!
- Keep the [HPS] tag on the files if you share them elsewhere.

So you can stop asking me about the paypal button ;)
- Shopping at YesAsia by clicking on the product links or on the YesAsia partnership-link gives Hello!Online 10% of the amount of your purchase, the price will be the same for you.
- Donate any amount to [email protected] from your paypal account.
(All donations go to maintenance of the site.)

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