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06-Jun 2018
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19-Jun 2018
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27-Jun 2018
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  The Grand Opening of Hello!Online  
  Hello!Project Written by LilJo , updated: 2:00, 30-Oct 2005  
  It is my pleasure to introduce the new Hello!Online site, bringing all elements of our community into one focused and organized site. The site has been developed by LilJo (html and design) and haku (php-code and forum).

For newcomers, Hello!Online is a portal featuring Hello!Project news, a tracker, a forum, and even its own subbing group, HPS. This site is the place to be if you want to know more about Hello!Project and discuss with fellow fans around the world in our forum.

We hope you'll enjoy the many new features we offer such as:

Hello!Online page
- New product Highlights
- Articles in Hello!Spotlight written by guest authors and HPS
- A new and fresh Hello!Picboard where users can upload the most recent H!P pictures

Hello!Tracker page
- Faster improved announce code
- Total reconstruction of tracker page, html and php-code
- Tracker use same IP algorithm through all functions
- Torrent is now unique for each user
- Uploaders are now able to add up to 6 screenshots for their torrent description.
- Gallery for uploaded screenshots
- Activitylist to view which torrents users are currently running

Hello!Forum page
- New fresh reconstruction of Forums and Topics
- Update to the latest Invision power board v2.1.2 (previously v1.3)
- New look of users profile page
- Reconstruction of forum add-ons

Global features
- Site now use a global login session for all pages
- Old HPS site removed and replaced with a new one
- You are now notified of new PM in upper right corner
- Site is moved to a new more powerful server
- New server software

Was removed/not added
- The feature for users to add their own IP in the profile page, we think that is not necessary anymore
- A download delay for users with bad ratio
- A top 10 static page for best uploaders etc. was not added becouse it came to our knowledge that users sometimes hack their client to give the tracker false data.

We hope eveyone will enjoy the new site as much as we had fun making it!

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