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  Fujimoto Miki to star in new stage play  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 19:16, 21-Feb 2008  
  To quote the article:


Not long after the announcement of a new solo single, Miki Fujimoto is now starring in her first play. Directed by Masamichi Sugita, it is a revival of playwright Kensuke Yokouchi's "HAKANA." It was previously performed in 2002 with Haruka Igawa in the lead role, a performance that earned her a Golden Arrow Award.

The story revolves around Hakana, a beautiful woman born from a baby's soul placed inside a body made from corpses. She becomes an oiran (courtesan) who has mastered the art of making men happy, but she is unable to have intimate relationships or else her body will melt away.

The play will run at the Meijiza in Tokyo on April 18-27.


This translation comes from Tokyograph via Sponichi Annex.

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