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  Fujimoto Miki 'Friday'd' [Update 7 Miki Comments]  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno & HPS , updated: 22:32, 24-May 2007  
  [Original post]

The part causing an uproar is this little blurb on the cover (on the right):

From what we can see, it says the following:

Fujimoto Miki & Shouji Tomoharu: Three Non-stop Days Together
Tomorrow Friday's headlines page

Obviously, if this is true, it would have far-reaching ramifications for Miki, and H!P as a whole.

The guy in question, Shouji Tomoharu, is a member of the popular comedy duo Shinagawa Shouji. He's pictured on the right here.

Now, as this is all the info we have to go on, we hesitated to make this posting. But as we all know from the Kago scandal, Friday seems to get it right when it comes to H!P. We'll update this post as new info comes in.


A summary of the article:

- Reporters caught them when they were going to a sauna in Ebisu.
- there are 3 photos of both of them on it:
- them coming out of the sauna salon
- them walking towards Shouji's car
- them in convenience store
- There is also a photo of them entering the apartment complex Shouji lives in.
- The pics were taken on the day Tsuji announced her pregnancy.
- Looks like Miki stayed overnight at his place for 3 consecutive days during the spring tour in the first half of April.


New summary, from a quotable source:

Friday reveals news of the two leaving a sauna, and having a 3-day-long date. Both are seen entering Shouji's 4WD car, going for a 2-hour-long dinner to a Japanese-style dining bar, then stopping at Miki's apartment and leaving in less than one hour for a sauna salon. Just after midnight, they are seen going back to Shouji's apartment.

There are photos showing Mikitty entering Shouji's apartment. And, it seems that this had not been the only day that the "Friday" reporter saw the two together.

Will this love become a sudden marriage, like Tsuji-chan's?



First scan from Friday:

The print edition of Nikkan Sports has picked up on this story. Apart from the facts we already know, they say the following:

- According to sources, these two have been dating each other since at least last autumn.
- They met each other at a party organized by Tamura from London Boots.
- Shouji's agency: "We're currently investigating this."
- No comment from UFA.

Scan from Nikkan:


Large scans of the Friday Article:

Show full-size Show full-size
Show full-size Show full-size

Additional info gleaned from the large scans:

"We stopped Shouji when he was coming back from a performance. 'Hello, we're from Friday, and we want to ask about your date with Miki.'

Shouji's eyes open wide and he freezes. 'Um...pls contact my agency'

'Is your relationship serious?'

Shouji doesnt look at us and just enters his car silently.

Mikitty starts a concert tour of her unit GAM in next few days. Mikitty, please keep your nice smile on the stage!"


Sanspo has picked up on the story: HERE


The morning news has started airing in Japan, and they've been reporting on the Miki situation.
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Another news clip:
Vid 2 Torrent
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Fukuoka News
Ohayou Asahi desu


Sponichi Annex has picked up the story.
Yahoo News reports Miki's news.

[UPDATE 5.5]

According to FujiTV, UFA has commented on this case.
"Looking at the article, there is no proof they're dating, so we as the agency have no intention to deal with this" .


Unexpected, but true! Miki appeared in the Yantan studio at today's YanDo recording!

Appearance and contents of the 05/26 episode.

 Akashiya Sanma
 Murakami Shouji
 Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)
 Fujimoto Miki (Morning Musume)

 ★Sanma-san scolds Mikitty
 ★Shouji shocked...
 ★Magazines asking Sanma

Look forward to it!!!

YanDo HP

[UPDATE 6.5]

Yaguchi comments Miki's news for Nikkan Sports

"I just saw it today."*eyes opened wide in surprise*
"I will have to go and ask her about more details".


[UPDATE 6.6]

After seeing Yaguchi Mari's musical performance, Iida Kaori and Takahashi Ai took part in a mini press conference organized by reporters gathered there.

"This musical is a love-story, and our leader stars in a love-story as well," she replied to questions regarding Fujimoto Miki. "I saw the news, I was really surprised to hear about it. She is the leader and I'm the subleader, so we really have to take care...".



Miki appeared on the weekly radio show "Young Town Doyoubi" and freely admits that the photos in the Friday article were true, and she indeed went to a sauna, a restaurant, and apartment with Shouji. Read more in our summary of the show HERE.


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