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06-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Airi Suzuki - Do me a favor [Regula. (0)
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19-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Morning Musume - 20th Anniversary O. (0)
27-Jun 2018
Hello!Project Yokoyama Reina - Title To Be Determ. (0)

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  Hello Project news tidbits for 2007.03.30  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 14:57, 30-Mar 2007  
  Alo-Hello! Niigaki Risa DVD
Release Date: 6/13
Risa's very first Alo-Hello DVD is on the release schedule, which means a matching photobook could also be coming. This was probably shot just recently while Morning Musume were having their fanclub event in Hawaii.

Matsuura Aya 19th single
[Title Undecided]
Release date: 5/30
Ayaya returns with her first single since February 2006's "Suna wo Kamu You ni... NAMIDA"

Of course, we would never report on the other half of GAM, Fujimoto Miki, getting her own solo single coming this June, because it's just a rumor. Especially since rumors of Miki solo singles have been proven false in the past... although this seems to be from a reliable source... Ah, forget I said anything o.o

Matsuura M-size Photo Album
MTV has put up a little gallery with pictures from Aya's appearance on their M-Size show.

Satoda Mai with Fujioka Fujimaki (CD Single)
"Oyaji no Kokoro ni Tomotta Chiisa na Hi"
Release Date: 5/30
The sole remaining member of Country Musume gets her first release since Asami and Miuna graduated. She's not credited as "Satoda Mai (Country Musume)" here though...

Speaking of Mai, the homepage for the Sapporo CERBIES, the futsal team she's captaining, just opened this week.

Berryz Koubou tour merchandise
The page detailing all the goods you'll be able to get at the new berryz tour is up now. Looks like each member will get their own version of the Berryz DVD Magazine, that's a first.

°C-ute DVD cover & release date
The official Hello!Project site has put up the cover art and release date for their new concert DVD, "°C-ute Debut Solo Concert Spring 2007 ~Hajimatta yo! Cutie Show~"
Release Date: 4/18

New artist picture for Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)
This is most likely the outfit she'll use during performances for her new single, "Happy ☆彡" which releases on May 2nd.

Hello Project Digital Books - Yaguchi Mari & Tsuji Nozomi
Looks like Tsuji and Mari are the subjects of the latest Hello Project Digital Books update. These are pictures taken from their time in Hawaii shooting their Alo-Hello DVD.

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