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  Hello!Project Written by Kuno & epifanes , updated: 18:51, 18-Dec 2007  
  Takahashi: Fin of flounder.*
Niigaki: I don't have any preferences。。。 When it comes around, I'm like, "Ah!! I want to eat that ☆" and I start getting hungry ☆ But I really love the salmon roe one a lot (>∀<)
Kamei: I don't go there too often・・・。 Probably a steamed egg hotchpotch ☆☆☆
Michishige: Salad.
Tanaka Eggs.
Kusumi: Shrimp© of course! I start with shrimp and end with shrimp.
Mitsui: Shrimp with no wasabi. That's my favorite thing to eat (^□^) Depending on the season, I also eat crab a lot ☆
LinLin: Strawberry cake.
JunJun: Fried egg and a dessert.

*Takahashi's answer was originally translated incorrectly. Thanks to Yuno for leaving a comment and setting us straight! Here's what Aichan really wanted.

(Note: We're not sure why Koharu put that "©" in there...)

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