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  Fujimoto Miki leaves Morning Musume [Update 1, official statement]  
  Hello!Project Written by HPS , updated: 9:59, 1-Jun 2007  
  Miki Fujimoto Drops Out of MM

It has been announced by UFA on June 1st that Miki Fujimoto of MM has left the all girl unit.

The reason being the fact that she and Tomoharu Shoji have been dating has been revealed by the tabloid magazine Friday.

According to Miki, she felt her action went against her role as the leader of the group. Therefore she made the request to resign from MM and UFA has accepted her decision.

Miki said, "I've done something that violated the MM code and I feel deeply responsible.

Effective immediately, MM will be led by Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki as the sub leader.

Nikkan Sports, June 1st 2007


Thanks Japan Rocks for the translation


Translation of the official statement:

Thank you for always supporting Hello Project. There is some important news today concerning Morning Musume.

Fujimoto Miki will resign from Morning Musume, effective June 1, 2007.

A report concerning Fujimoto Miki appeared in the weekly magazine "FRIDAY", which went on sale on Friday, May 25, 2007. The facts contained in that article were confirmed by Fujimoto, which was the person in question, and we have discussed this with her two or more times leading up to today. The ideal way to proceed with a group containing a lot of minors was discussed, and there was a proposal from Fujimoto Miki: "I would like to resign as leader of Morning Musume." Our company has acknowledged & accepted this offer.

She will preform as a member of GAM with Matsuura Aya on their current tour, which began last week (5/26), and the tour will continue on schedule. Moreover, please acknowledge that Fujimoto will not be performing in the concert to be held in July, "Hello! Project 2007 Summer 10th Anniversary Daikansha Matsuri ~ Hello Pro Natsu Matsuri~". Takahashi Ai will now serve as the leader of Morning Musume, and Niigaki Risa, subleader.

Please continue supporting Hello! Project in the future.

Up-Front Agency, Ltd.


Fujimoto Miki comment

To all my fans and supporters.

I, as leader of Morning Musume, have the role of a guide to the other members. I've violated one of the promises I made as a member of Morning Musume, and I feel a heavy responsibility. I'm very sorry for all the trouble I've caused with my actions. In this way, I cant continue on as leader, and I took it upon myself to resign from Morning Musume.

I feel deeply apologetic towards the fans that have supported me up to now. I'm really sorry. I'd ask you to please support "Fujimoto Miki" in the future.

Translated by Universus & Kuno

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