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  Kusumi Koharu to graduate from Hello!Project [Updated]  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno & epifanes , updated: 15:29, 19-Sep 2009  

Tsunku's statement

Regarding 7th Generation Morning Musume Member "Kusumi Koharu"

At the final performance of of the "Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~ Nine Smile ~" (Dec 6), 7th generation Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu will be graduating from Morning Musume, and from Hello!Project. During the 4 years and 4 months she was in Morning Musume, she has learnt the basics as a singer and a talent. And next year, she will turn 18. She's come to learn the base of what it takes to work in a group. And at the same time, she's been working as "Tsukishima Kirari". Based on seeing all of her work so far, as a producer, I felt I wanted to let her have a solo career, so decided to have her graduate. Having said that, she won't be making a singing debut or any other kind of debut right away, and some of the plans are still a bit rough, but Kusumi will continue to work hard for now, while privately taking various lessons. Her own hope is to be a model, so I think she'll be aiming towards a new direction, and taking new steps. So everybody who has supported her so far, please continue to give your support to Kusumi Koharu, and to Morning Musume. Thank you very much!

Morning Musume Producer

Kusumi's statement

To all Hello!Project Official Fanclub Members

Thank you for your continued support. I've been with Morning Musume for around 4 years now, and at the December 6 Morning Musume concert at Tokyo Kouseinen Kinkaikan, I will be graduating from Morning Musume, and from Hello!Project. One of the things I want to do from now is to try modelling. I have been active in Morning Musume so far, but now as Kusumi Koharu, I want to move forward, facing my different dreams and goals. Please continue to give me your support.

Up-Front statement

Along with this announcement, Kusumi Koharu will not be taking part in the "Hello! Project 2010 WINTER Uta Chou Fuugetsu ~ Mobekimasu! ~", the tickets for which went on advance sale to the fanclub via Hello! Project Information DM on August 31.

Please understand that refunds will not be given for this reason. Also, further information may become available at any time.



NEW: Tsunku blogs about Kusumi's Graduation, reiterating that it was indeed his decision.



Okay, so I announced Kusumi Koharu's graduation recently.

I'm sure fans were surprised, but I think it's better to announce things like this suddenly, so please understand.

As for Kusumi, she was a bit puzzled at first, but she accepted it firmly, and as you can see from her comment, she decided to move on, and looks like she is hopeful for her new future. She intends to do her best as a Morning Musume member until 12/6, which marks the end of current concert tour, "MM Concert Tour 2009 Aki-Nine Smiles".

Therefore, you better not miss this tour, and we're looking forward to seeing you, all over Japan!


Here are a few videos from Koharu's time in Hello Project

Koharu sings "Furusato" for Tsunku at her home. This aired during the 7th gen new member audition final episode of Hello Morning.

Here's some footage from the 7th Gen auditions, also from Hello Morning.

Kusumi shows us her legendary dart skills in these 2006 episodes of Dokyu! Translated by HPS.

Koharu's first solo single, Koi Kana.


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