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  The return of Ichii Sayaka  
  Hello!Project Written by SparklingMelrosePool & Kuno , updated: 16:24, 24-Aug 2009  
  Former Morning Musume Ichii Sayaka returns to show business after five years

Former Morning Musume Ichii Sayaka, who had a happy retirement in November 2003, joined a new agency this February, and on the 24th announced her return to show business after a five-year hiatus. On the same day, the agency's website included the message, "I will be returning to show business activity on August 25, so I ask for everybody's support," so after half a year of acting lessons and other preparations, her full return to activity will be on the 25th. In the future, she plans to work towards a career as an actor.

In May 1998, she joined Morning Musume along with Yaguchi Mari and Yasuda Kei as a second generation member, and made a big hit the next year with "Chokotto Love", a single she released with Yasuda and Goto Maki in the unit Petitmoni. But half a year later, in May 2000, she suddenly "graduated" from Morning Musume. In 2001, she began working as a solo singer, and in April 2002, she formed "Ichii Sayaka in Cubic Cross" with Taisei of Sharam-Q and guitarist Yoshizawa Naoki. She also married Yoshizawa the following year, leading to her retirement from show business, and had her first child in 2004.

According to her agency, it's a "return after five years", but it's actually been nearly six years since her last public activity. Her immediate plans include opening a public blog on the 25th, and an interview in the photo magazine "FLASH" the same day. On the 30th, she plans to return to TV on TBS' "Sunday Japon". And on September 5, she plans to appear as a model in the "Tokyo Girls Collection" show at the National Yoyogi Stadium.

She also may appear on variety shows as a talent, and may make a return to singing. According to her agency, "She's returning as a talent with a bright and cheerful character, cultivated by her time in Morning Musume, that anybody would love. In the future, she'll be an actor with special and rare talents."



Ranves Management
Ichii Sayaka profile

Date of Birth: December 31, 1983
Hometown: Chiba prefecture
Height: 158cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Makeup, reading, shopping, travel
Skills: Kendo, physical activity
Qualifications: Standard driver's license, Hawaiian lomilomi massage, aromatherapy advisor

I will be returning to show business activity of August 25, so I ask for everybody's support.
From August 25, opening of an official Ameba blog!
August 25, Exclusive interview with "FLASH"!
August 30, Planned appearance on Sunday Japon (TBS)
September 1, Article in "Monthly Audition"!
September 1, Article in weekly "Joshi Jishin"!
September 1, Appearing in the "Talent Database" website's September talent notice!
September 5, Taking part in Tokyo Girls Collection!


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