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  Morning Musume wants you to "Make My Video"  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 3:26, 14-May 2009  

(Via Dohhhup!)

Morning Musume。X MySpace OPV (Original Promotion Video) Contest

YOU can bring out the attractiveness in MORNING MUSUME。!

MORNING MUSUME。 is collaborating with MySpace to collect OPV (Original Promotion Video) submissions!

Try making the promotion video for “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!” - the coupling song of MORNING MUSUME。’s 39th single “Shouganai Yume Oibito” to be released on May 13. Using a combination of the free distributional video footage of the members and other footage, make a PV to your liking by matching the video to the music clip being distributed, starting from scratch and express the image of the song with self-made animations and more!

It’s all up to your taste to see what kind of PV you can come up with.

The submitted materials will be judged by producer TSUNKU♂ and the members of MORNING MUSUME。 The results will be announced at the ANIME EXPO 2009 to be held in America in July.

This is a world-scale contest, so don’t miss out your chance to win!


Please read before submitting your work

* Submissions
o Visit the website
o Video must contain the assigned music clip being distributed
(example: A video that contains video footage from the distributed video, or an animation made by you)
o Video must be able to be uploaded to MySpace (no restrictions on the video format)
* Qualifications
There are no restrictions on age, sex, nationality, amateur or professional. Must be already registered or will be registered with MySpace.
* Submission Time Frame
May 13, 2009 thru June 19, 2009, Japan time
* Submission Methods:
1. Register on MySpace
2. Visit an official website
3. Read the contest rules carefully
4. Download the assigned music clip
5. Produce the video (you have the choice of whether to use the provided video footage or not)
6. Upload the video onto your MySpace page
7. Send a message to the official page using MySpace’s message function
8. Submission complete
* Permitted Materials (free):
Please read the rules and regulations before you download

Assigned music material
Song title: “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT (Short version)”

Lyrics: “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT (Short version)”
Video material: 37 types; original footage can be downloaded (free of charge):
* Panel of Judges
o Upfront Works, Inc.
o MySpace
* Announcement of Results:
The results will be announced on stage at the ANIME EXPO 2009 (http://www.anime-expo.org/jp) to be held in LA July 2, 2009 ~ July 5, 2009.
* Awards for best work submitted are:
o 390,000 Yen
o Original comment video from MORNING MUSUME。congratulating the winner
o Work will be included as special footage in future video product from Upfront Works, Inc.


Only those who have read the contents below, understand all the clauses, and agree to follow all the rules may take part in the contest.


* All the copyright and license for the free distributional music and video contents are owned and managed by Upfront Works, Inc.
* The music copyright for “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT” is owned and managed by Upfront Works, Inc.
* All the rights to the distributed materials and music used in this contest, and so forth to the works submitted, belong to Upfront Works Inc. and Upfront Records.
* All the rights to publicity of portraits of MORNING MUSUME in free distributed video materials belong to Upfront Agency.
* Upfront Works Inc. is providing the free music and video materials for the sole purpose of the contest. It is illegal to use or transfer any of the materials provided for purposes other than that of the contest. Upfront Agency Inc. also DOES NOT permit the resale of products made by using the free music and video materials being distributed.
* All the rights to the submitted works will be transferred to Upfront Works Inc. in exchange for the prize.


* Soundtrack used in work submitted for the contest must use the music as distributed. Do not attempt to reproduce from retail CD, DVD, ring tones (including purchased ones). In addition, please do not add other sounds/voices, or delete partial or all of the sounds/voices, change the song, or modify/edit the free distributional music clip.
* Contestants are free to use and edit video footage filmed or produced by the contestant, and are not limited to having to use the video materials provided. However, please be careful not to use any works, company names, product names with copyright belonging to a third party, or use any contents which violates the rights of others in the submitted work. In addition, please do not use any contents which violate the privacy of others (video footages of others without obtaining their permission), publicize personal information (including contents that specify personal names and locations).
* Redistribution of the free music and video materials provided is NOT ALLOWED.
* Direct linking to the free music and video materials provided is NOT ALLOWED.
* Other actions not permitted by law are not allowed. In the event that the contestant breaks the law, the contestant will be subject to legal proceedings. Please be aware of such actions as the contest organizer will not be responsible for any of the contestants’ illegal actions.


* All contacts to contestants, including winning notification, will be sent out from the official page using MySpace’s message function.
* We will not be able answer any technical questions such as video editing for submissions.
* All costs occurred during production of the submission will be the responsibility of the contestant. The Contest Management Team and related personnel will not be responsible for any of the financial charges incurred by the contestants.
* Any submitted work that is deemed damaging to the artist’s image by the contest management will be deleted from MySpace.
* Any work that violates any of the rules set forth in this document will be deleted from MySpace and the posted site without prior notice.
* Please be aware that details regarding the contest may be changed by the Contest Management Team under unforeseeable circumstances.
* Please be aware that any work submitted found in violation of the rules as set forth in this document will be removed from judging, or have the prize forfeited.
* Please be aware that there may be delays in the announcement of the winning submission.
* Submission of work will be indication that the contestant has read and understood and agree to all the rules set forth in this document.
* This contest is ruled based on Japanese law.

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