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  Stockholm Japan Expo cancelled  
  Hello!Project Written by Krusha , updated: 15:31, 21-Apr 2009  
  Fans around the world were ecstatic finding out that H!P's super group numero uno, that of Buono!, was announced as live act for the Stockholm Japan Expo (SJX), held in Sweden, 2009.

However, in a recent (and rather dramatic) turn of events, the expo has been cancelled.

It all started out with rumours, surfacing Monday 20th of April, that "insiders" of the expo could confirm that nothing would be of it. Considering that main web page of expo was offline, people got worried. Main ticket distributor of expo tickets, that of Ticnet, had suddenly changed its status of expo tickets from tickets available to sold out. While this could be viewed as a positive thing, it was suspicious considering that the day before there were still plenty of tickets left.

When asked, Ticnet could neither confirm nor deny anything. They had only been told by SJX to withhold tickets for now. No information could be found, and frustration in fans grew.

Questions were posted on offical forum of SJX, which still was online. Today, Tuesday 21st of April there was finally a reaction.

Sadly, it was what people had suspected - the cancellation of SJX:

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 is cancelled.

There are several reasons for this, the financial change in world economy, severe competition from other festivals/concerts as well as poor ticket sale.

This means you will get your ticket purchase back by www.ticnet.se. More info about this will be announced on our website (www.japanexpo.se) next week.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused and hope that Stockholm Japan Expo will be feasible in the near future.

With sincere apologies,

Above news was naturally met with great disappointment not only from American and European fans, but also the Japanese fans - out of which several had planned to go to this concert, and enjoy it with their fellow overseas fans. Many fans (from around the world) still plan to go to Stockholm - with or without Buono! - to meet each other and try to have some fun together.

Further development and updates in this rather unfortunate happening to be posted later.

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