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  Hello!Online's exclusive Q&A with Hangry&Angry  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno & H!O Staff , updated: 14:39, 17-Apr 2009  

Written by Kuno, H!O staff.
Photos taken exclusively for Hello!Online by René (aka roon on H!O).
Visit René's website at http://monki.net

This past weekend, the duo Hangry&Angry made their first-ever appearance in the United States at the Sakura-Con convention in Seattle, Washington. They took some time out to answer a few questions from Hello!Online aimed toward their longtime western fans.

The photos included in the article were taken at their live performance on Sunday, April 12. They had a great turnout, with an estimated 2,000 fans turning out to see their high-energy performance.


Hello!Online: Had you been considering doing live shows outside of Japan for a long time?

Hangry (who might be Yoshizawa Hitomi): We had no clue at all that we could.
Angry (who might be Ishikawa Rika): I had dreamt a bit about the possibility, but I never thought it would actually come true.

Hello!Online: Your music style up until now has been very different from Hangry&Angry. What did you think when you first heard about the different style of music that you would be doing?

Hangry: I was looking forward to it... I didn't have any resistance to it at all. I thought that if we are going to do it, that I want to do it cool.
Angry: Yeah... Since I normally listen to rock music, I had a strong feeling about it.

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: What did you think when you found out that your music was being sold in America, and that everyone could buy it here?

Hangry: I thought, "Wow! They'll buy it?"
Angry: If they're selling it, I wanted to help them sell it in person.

Hello!Online: Do you want to sell Hangry&Angry in other countries besides America and Japan?

Hangry: Yes.
Angry: Yes.

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: Before you became Hangry&Angry, you were famous, and your careers were very well known on this website. Fans in other countries have translated and added subtitles to your past work. You might not know this, but you have many fans supporting you abroad, and many of them even very seriously try to learn the meanings behind the lyrics. Are you surprised about this?

Hangry: It's amazing! I'm still really surprised about that.
Angry: It really is surprising, isn't it?
Hangry: I'm very happy that they like us so much that they take the time to do things like research the lyrics, etc.
Angry: At the autograph sessions [at Sakura-con], it was very moving to have people asking me to sign photobooks from when I debuted, and to have DVDs of movies from Japan... I was very happy.

Hello!Online: Can you tell us three artists each that you're currently listening to?

Angry: American?

Hello!Online: Anywhere is okay.

Angry: Can it be my own songs, too?

Hello!Online: Sure, that's okay.

Angry: I've been listening to Hangry&Angry songs, and Ne-Yo songs, too. I also listen to Madonna a lot.
Hangry: I listen to Britney Spears, Nirvana and Morning Musume.

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: The Hangry&Angry live shows are very different image-wise and motion-wise from the Hello!Project live shows. How are these live shows different for you?

Hangry: The difference performance-wise is that there isn't any dancing... there is freedom.
Angry: There's a little bit of dance.
Hangry: Yeah, but we can move freely.
Angry: We don't have to worry about where we're positioned. With many more people, you can't bump into them, and you have to line up at the right time. But since there are only two of us, if one of us wants to add something based on how we feel, we can just match up to the new move. It's pretty free, and that's totally different from Hello!Project.

Hello!Online: How have the other Hello!Project members reacted to the new look you have for Hangry&Angry?

Hangry: They tell us it's really cool, and say, "I wish I could do that too."
Angry: The members in Hello!Project that like rock music are really interested.
Hangry: But there was a poster of us in the company office, and they said they didn't know it was us! They were like, "Oh that's a new unit... WHAT?! That's ISHIKAWA and YOSHIZAWA?!"
Angry: Nakazawa Yuko said, "That's you guys?! I had no clue." She totally just thought it was a new unit [not us] because the company does so many things. She said that she thought that the company was just producing two new girls.

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: Of course, your look is produced by H.Naoto, and there are other producers, but are there things that you've emulated from other Japanese or American artists?

Angry: For Angry, there aren't any... I'm really becoming the character and wearing the loli fashion. I'm working solely off of the image of the character.
Hangry: For me, it's the same, but you can't move in a certain way without being affected by all the artists you have seen. So really, there are elements of many people included.
Angry: Also, the elements of Izamu-san are there.
Hangry: Yes, they are! The producer Izamu-san has done all the staging.

Hello!Online: Hello!Project members Yaguchi-san and Satoda-san have both started their own blogs. Do Hangry&Angry have any plans to start their own personal blogs?

Hangry: Right now, we just have the Oricon Video Blog.
Angry: We don't have any plans for other blogs right now.

Hello!Online: Outside of Hangry&Angry, you have done things like start a futsal team. Do you have plans to start a league, or do other sports?

Hangry: Right now, we're planning games and matches, and so many of the fans are wanting us to do a match. We want to do some, too!

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: You both graduated from Hello!Project just recently. After the graduation, what sort of activities will you be participating in for the UP-FRONT family?

Hangry: We want to continue doing music and sports.
Angry: I want to do plays and dramas.

Hello!Online: How did you feel when you were told you were going to graduate from Hello!Project?

Hangry: Honestly, when I heard about it, I was surprised. Since the graduation just happened, I really haven't been able to think about it much, but I'm sad that I won't be meeting up with everyone at Hello!Project.
Angry: [nods in agreement]

(click to enlarge)

Hello!Online: Please give a message to the Hangry&Angry fans living outside of Japan.

Hangry: We have new songs coming out, and we want to do more performances. Please support us.
Angry: It might be hard for us to actually meet, but through the music and the internet I think we have a connection, so please continue to support us.

Support Hangry&Angry at http://www.japanfiles.com/hangryangry

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